Jennifer Escalera

    Pasadena, California, USA.

    • Private and group sacred sound healing ceremonies
    • Vibrational energy healing
    • Soul journey meditations
    • Healing ancestral and childhood trauma
    • Crystal therapy
    • Aromatherapy & herbal magick
    • Intuitive coaching
    • Psychospiritual counseling
    • Corporate wellness
    • Mystic workshops.


    I'm Mexican-American and grew up Catholic. I was very connected to God and felt a deep connection to the divine that did not seem odd to me as a child. As a little girl, I had instincts I couldn't explain, and was wildly curios about why I was born, what the planets and universe meant, pain and suffering, and what God meant in general. I grew in an alcoholic family and a latchkey kid so I had a lot of time to myself thinking and dreaming. And because my sensitivity to people's energy which I did not understand at the time was my empathic abilities, I often felt sad, alone, anxious, misunderstood, and self-conscious. Growing up in a small border town, the only way I could escape was through higher education. I moved away and went to college after high school. Studied various religions, and how different cultures approached healing, and majored in Sociology and Political Science. Due to my unresolved childhood trauma of emotional neglect and low self-esteem, I was bound to heal myself through natural means so I seeked help and studied different mediums to cope and get my shit together. I saw curanderas (healers), psychics, crystal healers, mediums, name it. I was determined and on a mission. I'm no longer a practicing Catholic but I respect and use some of the rituals and blessings of saints in my ceremonies and healing sessions. I went to graduate school and studied social work and was licensed in CA in 2008. I'm also certified in massage therapy, hypnotherapy, trans-crystal therapy, and sound healing. I've been guided by my ancestors and spirit guides so some of my healing work was self-taught. I'm passionate about teaching and healing women, particularly WOC because as an ethnic minority, I want to bring in my culture and indigenous healing methods into our modern world. My goal is to be a leader in the industry of metaphysical healing and to inspire other young Latina women reach their fullest potential. With that being said, I'm very open to serving a soul tribe of men and women of all backgrounds.


    My philosophy is to come from a place of love. I teach from a place of compassion, non-judgemental, and intuitive guidance. I'm a practitioner of self-care and I think it's important to be a role model to what I give to my clients onto myself. It's the lessons of give and receive. Without the movement or flow of this energy, I would not be of service to my clients or my community. It's important that when I work with clients, they understand that they are in control of their healing. I am just the medium and I guide them to their sacred space of transformation and wisdom. I want my client's to feel empowered, to understand their intuitive and empathic abilities are gifts to themselves and the world, and that they hold personal accountability for their own happiness.


    I've majored in Sociology, Political Science, and I have a Masters Degree in Social Work, I'm also a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, I'm Certified in Massage Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Trans-Crystal Therapy, and Sound Healing, I've been guided by my ancestors and spirit guides so some of my healing approach was self-taught.

    Years In Practice

    I've had my soul-centered business since 2008.


    I'm working on my next sound bath with dear friend Julie Evonne Washington for our event in December.

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