Jenna Reiss

    Playa Del Rey, California, USA.

    • Breathwork Meditation Coach
    • Meditation Instructor 
    • Energetic Healer  
    • Writer


    I'm a healer, writer and Breathwork Coach working in person in the Los Angeles area to help each of us find or reconnect with our authentic selves. I believe in the personal power of oneself and work with each client to help them re-discover their self-love and higher-truth. I believe we all have the ability to let go, let go of control, of our stories, and the incessant chatter in our minds and when we give ourselves this persmission, we can slow down and open ourselves up to connect with our true, luminous and friendly nature. We have the power to be our own healers, but it is a choice. We choose for ourselves to get clear, to evolve and when we do that for ourselves, that is when our lives and our world, transform.
    A natural born connector, I'm also a human development writer regularly contributing to online publications most recently Thought Catalog, Thrive Global and Liminas Magazine.


    Through working with the breathe and incorporating life coaching tactics, my clients achieved a stronger connection to self, more balanced temperaments and strengthened grounding allowing them to live in their life from a lighter, brighter place. With an individualistic and holistic approach, I pull from a toolbox of intuitive thinking, therapeutic conversation, life coaching, essential oils, crystal healing and musical sounds to guide students deep into a higher state of consciousness.


    David Elliot Breathwork Meditation Healer Training Certified, Bachelor of Arts in Journalism, Energetic Healing student

    Years In Practice

    2 Years

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