Jeffrey Berlin

    San Rafael, CA, USA.

    • Personal Efficiency Expert: remove burnout from your life forever


    Jeff Berlin can help you experience clarity & ease during this powerful time of global change that is altering all elements of society as we know it.
    Since he was young child, he wanted to serve others.
    At twenty-one, he had a realization: in order to access the tools needed for real change to occur externally, he would have to be totally open & vulnerable within.
    Thus a journey began that took him inside his heart and the world’s institutions of power at the same time. He studied at the London School of Economics, worked at the United Nations in Rome and served a stint for the mayor of San Francisco. This led to corporate law and finance opportunities abroad and a coaching career. As he worked, he observed the dilemmas facing the world’s institutions as open-heartedly as he could.
    These observations and experiences led Jeff into the coaching practice he has today.
    Integrating his experience in government & business with his fearless intuition, Jeff now creates opportunities for leaders to go beyond fear, insecurity & doubt to become their truest selves and in-turn, build vast communities that heed their inner-callings to produce holistic results around the world.


    I teach using the ‘flow state’ to bring about desired outcomes.
    This included finding the right balance of difficulty and offloading less important tasks.
    We focus on science-based models to improve clarity and especially long-term ease and wellbeing indicators.


    • Too many to list.


    Masters in Global Politics, the London School of Economics and Political Science, Bachelors in American Studies empahsis Globalization, University of California Berkeley, Many many many many other courses on social science/human welfare.

    Years In Practice

    10 Years

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