Jane A. Gordon

    New York, New York, USA

    • Conscious Jewelry Designer


    Jewelry Art Gifts Inspiration My sculptural, metaphorical jewelry is worn for beauty, and cherished for layers of discovery. Filled with symbolism, it is there to support core values and beliefs in times of fear, confusion, anger or other baser emotions, reminding us of what we know, so we can turn the moment and lift ourselves. The jewelry also tends to open conversations, giving the opportunity to subtly share ideas and so discretely leading others. The designs, symbolizing various concepts of joy, success, leadership and oneness, are used as illustrations for seminars and a book on those topics.
    In addition, I teach about pearls (which is oddly popular), offering pearl knotting demonstrations, De-mystify Pearls (teaching how to understand the language, types and what gives the various prices.) and then teaching my super-easy pearl knotting technique - I can teach anyone in a day, and even taught a woman with only one arm. The classes are secretly about connecting with ones inner designer, self-esteem, and bonding.
    Jane A Gordon’s (JAG) Jane's artful and unpredictable designs are the creative product of remarkable journeys (real world, emotional and spiritual) leading to a philosophy of life which brings about joy, now shared with the world through each work of art including jewelry, writing, fine art, photography, and now made available in textiles. Jane is convinced that together we can make a quantum leap to a better world by igniting joy, success, leadership and oneness one person at a time. 
    JAG’s careers, adventures and singular vision began in Philadelphia, in a home and schools without rules, where she was trained from a young age to question everything. An acting audition landed her at Stella Adler in New York University. Curiosity about the world, a decision as a teen to be a leaf in the wind, and life’s vicissitudes brought her to live in NY, London, Geneva, Rome, Spain and Palm Beach, while also working and traveling extensively throughout the world, touring with rock and roll groups, as a consultant, in promotions, as an artist, mentoring and more, and seeing the world by land and sea, on boats ranging from tiny racing sloops to worldwide trunk shows on cruise ships. 
    Jane has worked and played with the famous and the infamous and is equally inspired by, and comfortable with, the world’s least and most powerful. Jane spent fifteen years in the corporate world in commercial real estate, rode the dot com boom to bust roller-coaster, opened developing high end corporate gifts, and finally came accidentally to jewelry design where she discovered her passion: to share happiness. Her jewelry, filled with symbolism, is designed to support those who wear it and assist them inspiring those in their lives. 
    Throughout this colorful personal journey, Jane has explored life, love, politics, philosophy, religion, and design, all of which were previously expressed through painting, drawing and poetry, and have now culminated in the yin/yang harmony of art which shares and reflects her continuing astonishment and delight with the world around her.
    Although many different influences are present, the final result is clearly Jane’s innovative and unique vision. One of the most important things she can teach is that when you get knocked on your butt, you can take a rest for a moment, but then get up and jump higher. Always reach for the stars.
    "The greater danger for most is not in setting our sight to high and falling short, but in setting our sight to low and achieving our mark." Michelangelo


    "When the best leaders work is done, the people say 'We did this ourselves.'" Lao Tsu
    My art is to take complicated concepts, make them simple and wrap them in beauty to be left for discovery. Whether jewelry, writing, art or personal communication, the goal is to offer ideas in ways that can be remembered and revisited for ever increasing insights. 
    It is the responsibility of the artist to discover effective methods of communication. It's on us if we can't be heard. I learned this decades ago with my family. After struggling with sadness, and teaching myself step by step to be happy, I turned to my family excited to share. "You don't have to be this way! You don't have to be angry!!!" And the words came back "When did Jane become so officious and overbearing?" Any time we try to help someone by pointing, the walls will go up and we won't be heard. 
    Now, in this divisive political atmosphere, communicating across political divides makes effective communication even more fascinating and challenging. I have been studying science based communication techniques with a group of intellectuals, professors and leaders. In order to work towards our goals of reversing this post-fact atmosphere, I run a tiny group of graphic artists to brainstorm together about translating the theories into art which communicated most effectively.
    My joy is to share the insights which lifted my life, in the hope that it lifts others.


    Bachelors from New York University (Acting, Experimental Psychology, Comparative Religion)

    Years In Practice

    +18 Years


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