Jaimi Alexander

    Los Angeles, California, USA.

    • Crystal dealer
    • Intuitive Social Architect
    • High Vibrational Event Creator
    • Retreat Content Producer


    For as long as I can remember I’ve been an over thinking perfectionist. I used to say things like, “that’s just how I am”.
    It wasn’t until I was completely exhausted, lost, heart broken, and at the end of my rope, before I realized that this just could NOT be life. “But I did everything ”right”, I thought.
    In November of 2015, after years of devastatingly heartbreaking romances, almost being evicted...twice, losing my car to repossession, losing all of my possessions, being cyber bullied and threatened, and rollercoaster financial instability, I knew I had to make a change.
    I told God that I felt like a locomotive in the sand and I needed to be on the tracks. I was ready to make any changes necessary to go forward and live a purposeful life full of what I desired most.
    Almost instantly my life shifted! And it wasn’t a snap your fingers now here’s the money, the love, and all you’ve ever dreamed of, but the journey toward that began and it was all because of my INTENTION to do so.
    I had finally SURRENDERED.
    When you intend something for your life and you surrender the process to the Divine, it sets off all kids of unseen alerts in your mind and body that begin to move you in the direction of your dreams. Just like a magnet!
    Our jewelry represents your intentions, so that they are always on your mind. Thoughts are things so in order for things to come to pass, you'll want to focus on that intended outcome.
    I needed help in creating that focus.
    The minute I asked for change, I started to see things I had never seen before. This journey led me to a sisterhood of women who were healing just like me. I now had the space to peel back the layers of my pain and loss in an environment where there were language and tools provided for me to do so. Get Stoned With Us is a reflection of what I learned!
    What do you want to manifest into your life? Would you like more joy, love, or better communication with loved ones and co workers? Do you need healing from past pain? What is your mission in life?
    I intend to make a difference in lives around the world by taking all that I’ve learned on training my thoughts, surrender and most of all, INTENTION and putting into Get Stoned With Us intentional jewelry!
    This was never about just a jewelry company. It's about permission to live your best life! These hand made pieces are created with the intention to support you in changing your life and the lives of others, by changing your mind.
    Crystals hold metaphysical properties that represent, truth, courage, freedom, love, wealth, communication, sensuality and everything we need to be our true and authentic selves! They are all over my home, around my neck and on my wrist as such beautiful reminders of what I intend to create in my life. So it keeps my mind focused on those things. Which changed my entire life!
    Our thoughts are so powerful that they create our reality and with our stones you can literally pick what you desire to have in life!
    Think of flying in an airplane and the weather. It could be raining, there could be turbulence but once the plane ascends past those clouds it is sunshine and smooth sailing! THAT’S where we wanna be! We want to have the mindset to transcend the rain and turbulence so that we may soar in life and fulfill our deepest desires.
    If we could bring joy to people and show them how to focus on their intentions in a fun and fashionable way, while they simultaneously work the mental muscles required to live intentionally, then we have done our job!
    Nothing changes unless we change our minds. We can buy the clothes, get the body, land the job, have the partner and get all the stuff, but without mental, emotional, and inner health, there will be no wholeness.
    So we invite you to Get Stoned With Us! your invitation to your higher self.


    Goal is to empower people to improve their health through the use of food, herbs, essential oils and lifestyle techniques, herb Walks, lectures & kitchen demos.


    School Of Life facilitating Women’s Healing retreats.

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