Jacy Cunningham

    Fort Washington, Maryland

    • Corporate Team Building
    • Corporate Experience Design
    • Group Training
    • Retreat Facilitator
    • Public Speaker


    Born and raised in Washington, DC, I am simply put a "lover of life." As a pro trainer and former college football player, I have gained a wealth of knowledge which I have applied to every aspect of life. Having honed my specific set of skills, I decided to use them to not only gain entry into the depth of the human body, but also to help people of all walks of life acknowledge their divine connection through movement. For the past 3 years I served as the in-house Movement Instructor for Summit Powder Mountain, a start-up based at the foot of Powder Mountain in Eden, Utah. Here I was able to teach my version of movement to a community full of incredible entrepreneurs and social savants. After a 3 year stint in Utah teaching for the Summit Series Group, I decided to create my own method of training called "The Jacy Method" in 2015. Over the past two years, I have fine-tuned this method of exercise into the perfect union where working out meets working in.


    "We are not alone, there is a village around us at all times". This simple statement has entirely shifted my perspective with regards to how and why I teach my method. I am a man for others. I believe in community and our ability to heal one another. The Jacy Method is not about me, it's about us. It's about shedding the dead skin of our lives that continue to hold us back and keep us in places of pain. Our stories are not our own, so much of what we have encountered in life provides a thread of connection. We are all in this life together, and my goal is to create daily reminders of that fact.


    Bachelor of Science (Economics/African-American Studies), AAAI-ISMA Certified, Qoya Yoga Certified, Landmark Graduate

    Years In Practice

    10 years

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