Isabel Sharkar

    Washington, DC, USA.

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    • Functional Lab Testing (Micronutrient testing, Adrenal Stress test, Food Sensitivities, Organic Acids test, etc.)


    Being in constant pursuit of truth and healing, Dr. Isabel Sharkar felt disheartened by the mainstream medical system’s views on healing. She has known early that traditional Western medicine was too inflexible to suit her creative impulses and, ultimately, pursued naturopathic medicine instead. She was lead to the hot Sonoran desert of Arizona where she graduated from Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine as a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine. 
    Today Dr. Sharkar is a creative health entrepreneur who travels between Washington, D.C. where she has a private practice, Indigo Integrative Health Clinic, located in the heart of Georgetown and London, United Kingdom where she is founder of Super Human Earth. Dr. Sharkar is writing her first book, Activating Your Super Human, the Keys to Optimizing Your Mental, Physical and Spiritual Well-Being. She sees private clients who are interested in super human optimization. After establishing her private practice in D.C. and meeting countless clients suffering from chronic disease, she felt a strong desire to bring forth her naturopathic knowledge and make it more widely and globally accessible. She writes monthly articles for the Washington, DC Natural Awakenings publication and several publications as a skin and beauty expert in London advocating healthy skin from the inside out. 
    Dr. Sharkar is a founding member of Obonjan, Croatia where she gives yearly talks on Activating Your Super Human and living a Super Human life.


    Dis-ease is multifaceted and begins energetically before it transmutes into a third dimensional symptom in your body. It's very important to treat the whole person and create balance, a zest for life, joy and true health. There are no quick fixes, positive lifestyle changes take time and education is key. I love to spend time with my clients understanding where they come from and what are their dreams and limiting beliefs. In order to overcome an obstacle, addressing the mental aspects like mindset is very important and often the best place to start. Simultaneously, the client has to be out of pain in order to address the bigger picture of purpose and his or her soul evolution.


    • AANP
    • DCANP
    • Founding Member Obonjan, Croatia
    • Naturopathic Health and Beauty Expert for SÖND Skin Care


    Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine from Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine, Tempe, AZ, Mesotherapy, Reset TMJ, ART (Autonomic Response Technique)

    Years In Practice

    6 years


    Book: Activating Your Super Human, the Keys to Optimizing Your Mental, Physical and Spiritual Well-Being coming out late 2017
    August 7-11, 2017 Guest Speaker at Obonjan, Croatia

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