Hilke Hanke

    Lisbon, Lisbon, Portugal.

    • Level 2 Certified Forrest Yoga Instructor
    • One on One In-House Yoga Retreats in Lisbon
    • Personal yoga classes, group classes
    • Bodywork
    • Co teacher of Contemporary Yoga & Dance workshops


    In my Yoga training in 2013 with Ana Forrest I finally stood up and faced layers of underlying patterns that caused my whole body to be in severe pain for several years. I would swallow every thing – bringing my stomach to a standstill and ending up with food allergies and intolerance to almost every food item. Feeling constantly fatigued, endlessly bothered with headaches, shoulder and neck issues. That was till I made healing a lifestyle and started to embrace my sensitivity to the fullest – I can now eat whatever I want, although I do appreciate a “clean” diet. I also understand that it is within my own hands to ease an occasional headache and interpret the signals of arising tightness in my shoulders. The tools lie within us – within our awareness. Caring, appreciating and nourishing ourselves. I would like to support as many of you as possible to discover and find those "tools" that you have inside yourself, to empower and embrace your truest desires to live a healthy life.


    My classes are all based on the philosophy of Forrest Yoga. Named after its founder Ana Forrest. It is a contemporary style of yoga based on traditional Hatha yoga - that is particularly designed to address current day stresses and challenges (physical as well as emotional) in our Western world and lifestyle. It is a great way to move back into your body and live from your inside out in an authentic and sustainably healthy way. Pose names and class language I choose is modern which makes it accessible and understandable also for non - or less experienced yogis. I put a strong focus on safe alignment, deep breathing and incrementally growing deep core muscles and flexibility. In consideration of your body type, history of injuries, age and level of experience.


    Trained to become a Forrest Yoga teacher with Ana Forrest at Pure Yoga in Hong Kong in 2013. Completed Mentorship Program with Sinhee McCabe also in Hong Kong in 2015. Which included a year long homework related to topics around yoga, healing, nutrition and many more. As well as volunteering yoga classes to a group of people that might not have the possibility to go into a normal yoga class. For health or financial reasons. I chose to support a group of people with Eating Disorders at the Royal Melbourne Hospital in Australia which was hugely beneficial to them in conjunction with other therapies such as art therapy.
    2016 I completed a Bodywork Training linked to the philosophy of Forrest Yoga as well - with Jambo Truong and Brian Campbell both Forrest Yoga Guardian teachers in Newcastle - England.

    Years In Practice

    5 years after training. 12 years of yoga

    Latest News

    I let people fill out a waiver beforehand - as I haven' t been able to find a suitable liability insurances in Portugal.

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