Hilary Pearlson

    Brooklyn, New York, USA.

    • 1:1 Virtual Sessions: Cultivating Inner Awareness
    • Breathwork + Intuitive Guidance & Clarity Sessions


    I was inspired to do this work through my own healing journey which began over 10 years ago.
    In 2011, while living in NYC and attending school at the Fashion Institute of Technology, I began to feel sick. Very sick. I ignored the signs and symptoms for weeks until my body was screaming at me. Within 3 months I moved back to Florida with my family and was undergoing chemotherapy before receiving a bone marrow transplant that would save my life. It was at this time I connected to a dream I had long let go of, to start a blog and share the many topics I am passionate about, find my community & continue to immerse myself deeply in understanding how to heal myself on every level.
    I moved back to NYC shortly after and over the years as I continued on my healing journey, I began to stray for my own dreams.
    At the time, the experience of not being alignment with myself, not listening to my body and not doing the work I was put on this planet to do was too much for my body to handle. May 2017 I was sick once again, in what would be the biggest wake-up call of my life I was diagnosed with Ramsay Hunt Syndrome and temporarily lost mobility on the right side of my face.
    My health journey has cracked me open in ways I couldn’t imagine. And while the challenges have been some of the most difficult moments of my life, I wouldn’t change a thing.
    My faith in this path is unwavering.
    My trust in the journey cannot be broken.
    Just when I think I can not surrender any more, I do.
    It is because of my health journey and all the ways in which I have healed myself, that I have been able to connect deeply to my purpose on this planet. The why I wake-up every morning bursting with excitement to share, connect and teach. It is what this work is all about.
    Because it was when I started truly understanding myself on the deepest of levels and took responsibility for my life that I began to heal.
    This is the basis of my work.
    Empowering you to be your own healer.


    My practice is the journey of coming back to yourself.
    It is the process of peeling back the layers and understanding yourself on the deepest of levels. It is about expanding, releasing, moving energy and gaining the tools for deep & transformative healing.
    It is creating an unwavering self-awareness.
    I combine powerful modalities such as Breathwork & Kundalini Yoga to offer a unique & grounding approach, personalized to meet you where you are at right now.
    You will feel the effects immediately.

    It is my hope through this work that you will see:

    You are your own greatest healer.
    You hold all of the answers inside of you.
    You are powerful beyond measure.
    I will be by your side supporting and guiding you each step of the way.
    In this supportive container, your healing has no limits.


    Currently: Kundalini Teacher Training at Hari NYC
    Breathwork Healer 1 Training: Erin Telford
    Reiki 1: Lisa Levine at Maha Rose
    Marketing + Communications: Fashion Institute of Technology

    Years In Practice

    1 Year

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