Heidi Firth

    Waikato, New Zealand

    • Personal Training
    • Transpersonal Life Coaching
    • Holistic Counseling
    • Energetic & Spiritual Healing, Reiki


    Once upon a time in a past life, I was a ‘no pain, no gain’ gym junkie body builder and hard house clubber. These days I live a more balanced life by moving when I want to and addressing my needs internally rather than loosing myself externally. These days I move in a more balanced fashion and continue to get my dance on, at local ecstatic dance parties and in my living room whenever I can.
    I’m on a mission to inspire vibrant health in all its glory – beyond what we think we know, (health = good food & physical exercise).  I’m personally dedicated to my health and the health of this beautiful planet.  (she’s pretty amazing right?!)
    I believe becoming best friends with my inner child, regular dancing, continually learning and failing, keeping my heart open and light, have been key components to ride the waves of life as fluidly as possible.
    I no longer live conventionally, swapping societies norms for daily guidance and heart based plans.  Trusting in the fruits of the Universe to give me what I need when I need it.  It’s not always easy, but I am truly living and expressing myself to my fullest capacity.
    This website is where I express my truth, a place where I share words, stories, insights and lessons with you to free my creativity and support you in aligning to your truth, your Inner Wisdom.
    Be Your Own Guru is born from my passion for personal responsibility of self, knowing that the only way we can feel good, the only way we can heal our emotions and physical bodies is by following our unique guidance, no one elses.
    Over the past 10 + years, I’ve walked in the mud and danced with the rainbows.  I’ve experienced some dark places and equally expansive ones.  Though these experiences have enriched my life and made me who I am today, they have become tools and strengths that serve me, to serve you.  To be there for you as you journey through your unique path of magical unfolding.
    My mission is to remind you of your Inner Guru, to connect with him or her, remembering why we are here right NOW.  To listen to our innate wisdom and follow our guidance each and every day.
    From this place, we can live our fullest life in harmony with Mother Earth.  We align with her callings and those of Great Spirit.  In turn inspiring a wave of collective transformation across the globe.
    Be Your Own Guru was visioned from awakening to the truth of my innate wisdom and power.


    Certificate III in Fitness, Certificate IV in Fitness, CHEK Level 1, Diploma of Transformational Life Coaching, Diploma of Spiritual and Energetic Healing, Reiki 1 & 2

    Years In Practice

    Personal Trainer since 2003
    Life Coaching since 2010
    Energy Healing since 2012

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