Hayley Wood

    Los Angeles, California, USA.

    • Skincare and Waxing, Content Creation specializing in Skin Food, Therapeutic Skin Coach practice.


    I am a holistic esthetician who has been practicing since 2006. I'm originally from New-Brunswick, Canada and moved to Wisconsin when I was 10 with my family. When I graduated high school I knew that I wanted to be a field where I could help others so I had the intention of majoring in Psychology and/or Nursing. I was called to try esthetics after a chance encounter with one of my sister's coworker who gave me the confidence to explore different realms of how to care for others. As someone who suffered who acne, eczema, and sensitivity to my skin for over 11 years I was so pinged by the universe to try this type of work. I moved to Austin, Texas in 2009 and continued my practice in a full-service spa where I learned so much from the other estheticians I worked alongside with.
    When I moved to LA in 2012 I discovered that there wasn't really a place that I believed had the same type of service that I was used to and after trying a few spas and medical offices I was stuck with a bad case of shingles. This forced me to search within for the answers I was looking for and that was to start my skincare practice, Therapeutic Skin Coach. Now it's been almost 12 years in my line of work and I could not be more grateful for the work that I have done, the community I have been welcomed in and clients that I have grown to love. My approach starts from within and helps individuals tap into their intuition to find the solutions they need to heal. Great skin is the side effect of my intuitive work :) I also co-founded a talk called Skin Food Talk which is an educational platform to help individuals become their own health coach and guide towards their best health.


    My philosophy is split into two simple factors: The first being that the skin is a reflection of internal health and can provide a guide to improve your overall health. The second is to help my clients discover their worth through mindful language and removing blocks that hold them back from actualizing their skin and health goals.


    • Associated Skin Care Professionals
      Association of Holistic Skin Care Practitioners. 


    Esthetics from Institute of Beauty and Wellness degree
    Reflexology Certified from EIMDC 
    Gua Sha Certified from Beauty Secrets
    Reiki Master from Texas, Randy Rudloff

    Years In Practice

    +12 Years


    I have two weekly newsletters with blog posts (skin food talk and therapeutic skin coach). I'm working on publishing a program for estheticians on how to become therapeutic skin coaches, publishing my Skin Food Talk workshop on an online platform and contributing to a few newsletters as well. I am hosting my signature treatments at WMN Space later this month as well.

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