Hari Karam Singh

    London, UK

    • Kundalini Yoga
    • Meditation
    • Gong
    • Mantra Yoga
    • Devotional Music
    • Digital Creativity


    I’ve had a lifelong interest in the mysteries of the universe and esoteric practices and have been experimenting with meditation techniques since I was an early teen. I became a keen Kundalini Yoga student after my first class in London in 2003 and was certified as a teacher by KRI in 2007. I maintain a strong practice, always looking to go deeper and also furthering my understanding through studying other traditions. I’m a keen student of the Tibetan yogic and tantrik doctrines as well as the western philosophers. I’ve also been instructed in the teachings of Sacred Speech by Baba Rampuri, Shri Mahant of the ancient order of yogis known as the Juna Akhara. I also have a degree in Physics, play several instruments and work with creative technologies both in my own company ( and in corporate environments. I deeply value this professional experience as it is a very good “proving ground” for the things I have learned through my spiritual practice and they give me a valuable perspective that informs my teaching.


    I believe passionately in its effectiveness not just to keep ourselves healthy and youthful but also to understand ourselves better as humans, how we relate to each other, why we get into messes, how we avoid them and how we can achieve a more consistent happiness and prosperity on all levels. In my classes I try to maintain a good balance of physical strength building, meditative focus, and fun. I was once told that “the first step to enlightenment is to lighten-up” and I really believe that’s true….so come on out sometime and let’s have some fun and see what mysteries of the universe we can discover along the way…


    • Kundalini Yoga Teachers Association (Community Relations Officer)
    • White Tantric Yoga UK (Treasurer, Communications)


    KRI Certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher, BA Physics, Princeton

    Years In Practice

    15 years

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