Gina Pierre

    Brooklyn, NY, USA.

    • Acupuncture
    • Massage
    • Reiki


    I am an acupuncturist, reiki healer and massage therapist. My purpose is to support transformation on all level of consciousness. I have a background in dance, art, education, hospitality, integrative medicine . Working with people in many areas has allowed the interpersonal care I bring into my work. As a mother, daughter and healthcare provider I have learned to be conscious of each individual needs loving care. My path has led me into becoming an integrative medical provider after seeing how dangerous conventional medicine can be to our health. I feel healthcare can transform with more patience, natural diet, herbal versus pharmaceutical and mental wellness. Ultimately, We need to continually transform by healing our minds, bodies and spirit from familiar thoughts and habits which does not serve our personal growth. The body can become more vital, the spirit will transcend. I believe healing is our birth right and everyone can heal!


    I believe we are capable of transforming the body, mind and spirit to heal our physical ailments. Working from the inside to change the internal dialogue which governs symptoms and disease formation. I am here to support you toward greater health and lifestyle. Using mindset, acupuncture, healing hands allows rapid recovery from illness.


    • NCCAOM


    Doctorate of Acupuncture , Pacific college of Oriental medicine, Master of Acupuncture, Pacific college of Oriental medicine, Associate in massage therapy, Pacific college of Oriental medicine, Bachelorette in Arts, Hunter College

    Years In Practice

    8 Years

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