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    Studio City, California, USA.

    • Ancestral Healing with Group constellations
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    Gary Stuart Is a 19+ year Constellation Facilitator and Trainer plus Speaker and Author. He was first certified by Heinz Stark as a Constellation facilitator in a 2000-2002. Then was certified by Bert Hellinger’s Constellations & Movements of the Spirit Mind training in Pichl , Austria from 2007-2008.
    His first Constellation book was Many Hearts, ONE SOUL then Master YOUR Universe: How to Direct & Star in your Own Life! his forthcoming book Healing Human History. He speaks and presents Nationally and internationally plus facilitates and trains in many


    Understand what you know and know what you understand.


    • Evolutionary Business Council, HCC SM


    Heinz Stark certification as a Constellation facilitator in a 2000-2002, Bert Hellinger’s Constellations & Movements of the Spirit Mind training in Pichl, Austria from 2007-2008. Double Certified.

    Years In Practice

    19+ Years


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    Gary Stuart has been internationally recognized, exploring invisible family dynamics as a spirited Constellation Facilitator for more than 19+ years. He is double-certified in the work including Bert Hellinger's "Movements of the Spirit-Mind" Facilitator's Training in Austria. He develops & presents Innovative Constellation exercises. Having facilitated almost 10,000 processes, he is now on the cutting edge and providing training for CHI facilitators and other professionals. Gary 's book on Constellations is "MASTER your UNIVERSE" and "Many Hearts, ONE SOUL" both available on
    He's the host of "Consciousness Connection" on Blog-Talk Internet Radio Network. 
    Also on Face Book, Twitter & Linked IN "Facilitatorguy"
    Sincerest gratitude + appreciation! Namaste GARY STUART

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