Filipe Moleiro

    Marinha Grande, Portugal

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    My name is Filipe Moleiro and I am 29 years old.
    From a young age I was fascinated with the universe, dreams and imagination.
    I very often wondered if this physical life was in fact, a dream, if we came from the stars, how could we be alone in such a vast universe and a lot of times life as we "normally" live it didn't make sense to me.
    Looking back I can clearly see that I always had very present in my life a contrast between who I deep down knew myself to be and what the "outside" world was trying to feed me.
    At the age of 16 I had one major awakening, the realization that I could be whatever I want to be and live whatever I wanted to live if I had CONFIDENCE.
    That lead me to research and learn all that I could find about confidence...
    I got familiar with empowerment teachings such as law of attraction, goal setting, visualization techniques, imagination processes, etc...
    Parallel to my "confidence" quest, I also had a strong pull to seek for "True Love", leading me to al the enlightenment teachings, Eckhart Tolle, Mooji, Neale Walsh, ...
    My crucial breakthrough was when I discovered that I could merge the paths of empowerment and enlightenment, that they were in fact one same path and I that could had the best of both worlds, find my true self and creating my reality accordingly to my highest purpose and joy.
    That realization connected all the dots, my life took an epic turn around, I can say that I live my dream and my dream is better than everything I could possibly imagine.
    In terms of my life course, I have a degree in communication and media and another in functional fitness.
    I coached martial arts for 10 years, was 3 times a world champion, coached the Portuguese national team and worked as a personal trainer.
    Last year I started life/transformational coaching and it is what I most love to do in life.
    I am changing the world by being awesome ;)


    My perspective is a one of pointing and guiding each individual to his true self, to his true nature, to his 'Higher Self'.
    The more one operates from his true self, the more empowered and automatically aligned with everything that he is seeking his life will be.
    All the methods, all the practices and all the teaches I use are about awakening the true nature of each individual, by generating insight and giving support and momentum to the new awaked realizations.
    The realizations I intent to awake in my qualities are on the basis of them being simultaneously the creator of their reality and the infinite awareness on top of it.
    "When you realize who you truly are everything else automatically falls in place,... Your mind, your emotions, your dreams, your desires, your past, your future, … Everything takes care of itself when you realize your true nature and operate from that higher place of love, power and truth.”
    My purpose in this life is for people to live their life's purpose.


    Science and Technology High School Marinha Grande - Portugal, Communication and Media - Superior School of Education of Leiria - Portugal, Functional Fitness - Lusofona University of Lisbon - Portugal, Enlightenment, Empowerment, and Infinity - Trinfinity Academy - Sedona, USA

    Years In Practice

    1 years 

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