Evan Daily

    Jackson, Wyoming, USA.

    • Tele-Health
    • Spiritual Psychology
    • Coaching
    • Mindfulness Training
    • Couples work
    • Men's Health & Wellbeing


    Evan is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Certified Soul Centered Professional Master Coach. I've got extensive training and degrees in Spiritual Psychology and over 25 years experience in working with men.


    Evan is passionate about working with folks who are committed to living more loving, conscious, vibrant and meaningful lives with grace, ease, joy and beauty.
    Working with Evan requires an adventurous spirit- to be comfortable with an uncertain future, to follow your true path through previously unknown territory that at times may be daunting or frightening or breathtaking but in all ways and at all times is filled with awe, wonder and Spirit. The adventure starts with a spark of longing, curiosity and action — to discover, own and embrace unfamiliar and all too often unloved parts of yourself in order to create a new, more highly integrated, whole and holy awakened person. If your willing to be guided by your imagination of whats possible, not your limits, Evan is the trusted ally you want at your back to explore and test what’s possible on the adventure of your life.


    Masters degrees in Counseling Psychology and Spiritual Psychology, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist , Wyoming, Certified Leader of the New Warrior Training Adventure for the ManKind Project

    Years In Practice

    20 years as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
    25 years as a facilitator, coach, mentor and leader of Men

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