Eva Perrotta

    Brooklyn | Putnam Valley, New York, USA.

    • Craniosacral Therapy
    •  Shiatsu
    •  Somatic Education
    •  Custom made Spirit Dolls


    Eva is a Somatic Movement Educator, Craniosacral and Shiatsu practitioner based in Brooklyn and Putnam Valley, NY. With a professional background as dancer and choreographer, Eva has acquired a visceral and intuitive understanding of the body from inside out.
    Through Craniosacral Therapy and a somatic approach, her work facilitates the process of re-connection in order to tune in and listen to the innate knowledge of the body. With gentle and non-invasive hands on practices, she listens to the natural movement of the body’s tissues and follows their intuitive intention for healing and support. Eva looks at the body as a whole, helping clients make conscious connections to emotional and mental patterns that accompany pain and imbalances within their bodies. In her practice, she creates a safe and sacred space for exploration and dialogue with the body and its deep wisdom.
    Inviting a curious mind and open heart in each session, she holds space for every individual to deepen an intimate and trustful relationship with their body, mind, and spirit. Eva is constantly exploring ways in which the body can reclaim its wisdom and power in its ability to be “in relation” and guide us through our journey.
    "My belief is in the blood and flesh as being wiser than the intellect. The body-unconscious is where life bubbles up in us. It is how we know that we are alive, alive to the depths of our souls and in touch somewhere with the vivid reaches of the cosmos." - D. H. Lawrence.


    Craniosacral therapy is a non-manipulative, gentle whole body therapy. It encourages the body’s natural healing mechanisms to improve the functioning of the central nervous system, dissipate the negative effects of stress, and enhance health. At the core of the nervous system function is the cerebrospinal fluid, which bathes the brain and spinal cord and influences the movement of the surrounding tissues and bones. Using very subtle technique of listening, the therapist assists the release of restrictions in the tissues and enhances the balance and integrity within the natural movement of the whole body. Every day our body endures stresses and strains that it must work to compensate for. The body’s tissues contract in response to physical and emotional stresses, and sometimes can hold the memory of the impact for years. It can happen that following such experiences the vitality of the body is restricted and creates conditions such as chronic pain, migraines, depression, anxiety, neuromuscular disorders, etc. Craniosacral therapy enhances pain relief and encourages the nervous system, organs, immune and musculoskeletal systems to reorganize, balance and heal. Craniosacral Therapy creates a space of stillness where deep relaxation and regeneration can happen. Craniosacral Therapy is a journey into being. The intention of this journey is to access health within and come to meet ourselves as we are with an open heart.
    Eva regularly offers gatherings where she encourages people to reconnect to their natural environment as well as to reflect on their relationship to nature as a part of themselves. She observes the body of the earth as a reflection of our body, and facilitates a space where we can gather insight about our inner cycles, growth patterns, and relationships. Her process is grounded in the observation of how nature grows, moves and speaks as well as listening to each participant’s unique experiences and wisdom. Using experiential learning, somatic practices and often collaborative teaching, she co-creates seasonal gatherings, Nature Walks and others activities.
    The process of each doll making begins with an intention a sitting and listening. The intention becomes a prayer as I begin to shape the wool following the rhythmical pattern of the needle. She who is being born leads the direction, and I follow her guidance with an open heart while holding a space for the intention of the person I am making the doll for. Depending on the doll's journey I work with the energy of plants, crystals, feathers or bones, which become integrated into the design and spirit of the doll. Each doll is unique yet part of a greater community. Each one is a vessel holding a sacred intention of guidance and prayer.


    • AMTA
    • ISMETA


    Licensed Massage Therapist, LMT, Registered Somatic Therapist and Educator through ISMETA, School of Body Mind Centering®, SME

    - Upledger Institute, Level 1-4 (Craniosacral Therapy & Somatic Emotional Release)
    - Upledger Institute,Immune system, brain.
    - Barral Institute, Visceral Manipulation 1-3
    - Chakra work, Celebrating Spirit, Susan Feinbloom
    - Currently studying a visionary approach to Craniosacral with the Milne Institute.

    Years In Practice

    5 Years. 

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