Eric Dadmehr

    Brooklyn, New York, United States

    • Healer
    • Shaman
    • Public Speaker (I-Ching, herbal suggestions, and other natural ways to heal and protect against chemtrails, Wi-fi 5G, and Fukushima Radiation)


    I can share what I would do in any situation, but let's start with I-Ching to describe your situation. I would like to know about health issue and remind us that most illnesses come from poor food choices.


    Greetings from Eric the Healer. I have been lucky all my life meeting many gifted teachers that shared much wisdom and knowledge from our ancient past with me. I was born in California but grew up in Iran where everything was organic and very healthy. Hippocrates said that the we have to pay attention to our gut health and watch what we put into our mouths which is great advice from the father of medicine. Food is your best medicine and if you can stay away from drugs and pharmaceuticals, you will be much better off in the long run. I was initiated into Esoteric Vajra-yana Buddhism which is Tantric Yoga when I was young at the same time as studying martial arts from the top academies. When I got injured kickboxing, I would go to the old part of town and look for Chinese Herbalists and communicated with them even though I did not speak Mandarin or Cantonese. I eventually filled my doctor bag I found at a thrift shop from a Nebraska retired doctor who used to make house calls with it. I then worked at the first health food store in sacramento Elliott's Natural Foods and learned a lot from Granger since he paid me to learn and brought teachers on weekends in to educate us about vitamins and herbs. I have been a public speaker for the last six years at many conferences in Los Angeles and Arizona, New Mexico, and Idaho. I love helping people help themselves. I am Eric the Healer because I heal myself and I am happy to share my knowledge of plants and healthy lifestyle that has helped me thrive and stay on top. I am a student for life and even sometimes a teacher if you listen :)


    There is always a nicer way of doing everything, please don't believe anything I say and give yourself a chance to achieve a higher quality of life by learning what I suggest.


    I used to help produce and but stopped working with them and looking for healers closer to my state of mind in service to others.


    I have a 1986 BA in Fine Arts from UCLA as well as studying, teaching while healing Bruce Lee Jan Fun Gung Fu, Wing Chung, Savate, Muay Thai, and weapons. I worked at the first health food store in Sacramento and learned many things about healing with herbs.

    Years In Practice

    I have been a healer my whole life and was drafted as a child to work on old people walking on backs and massaging hands and feet. We don't take care of the old people in our families in this country!

    Latest News

    I speak about the health dangers of 5G and wireless, chemtrails, DEW Direct Energy weapons, Mandela Effect, Flat-Earth, Tartary or Tartaria which is the largest and oldest country we do not talk about.

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