Emma Bellamy

    Paddington, NSW , Australia

    • Crystal Bed Healing
    • Crystal Bowl Sound Bath
    • Conscious Conception Counseling
    • Kundalini Counseling


    Conscious Mother, Plant Lover, Crystal Bed Healer, Errant Writer. Thank-you to the Casaquantum physicsepigenetics, raw foodHeartmath, Cleve Backster and all the other amazing sources of knowledge I have found along the way. What a wonderful gift, to go from tedium to magic, from flatness to full-color!  


    I am going through my own Christ-centred, Hang-Onto-Your-Hats, Holy-Guacamole, I'm getting-shoved-down-the-Cosmic-Plughole Spiritual-Awakening, which some call Kundalini Shakti, Shekinah, Chi, Ki, N'um, or Sekhem. I have been traversing the ins and outs of Motherhood and Married Life at the same time... and I'm still living to tell the tale!
    Most of my work has evolved out of my own personal experiences.
    Essentially, I help people to find balance. The main work that I absolutely LOVE to do is to help people come back to balance with Crystal Bed Healing. This gentle, profoundly powerful therapy realigns our human bio-field, bringing us back into harmony with who we really are. 
    Due to my own Motherhood journey I became interested in Conscious Conception and Conscious Pregnancy. So I wrote Baking A Babya book about bringing in our future children consciously. This book is in the process of being published, and you can read more about this subject here
    As well, I provide free chats to those going through the Awakening process. Once again this arose out of my own needs and a recognition that many people are going through the astonishing transformation of the Kundalini Shakti process. 
    Whether it be learning more about Great Spirit, Mother Earth, Healing, your Awakening, Conscious Conception, or your Life Changes... you have been guided to the right place. 
    I am excited about what I do, and I long to share all that I have discovered with you. Doing this work for The Great Heart is an honour I am humbly grateful for; so even if you get just one kernel of goodness from this site, it will have fulfilled its function. Collectively we are in the midst of no less than a Spiritual Revolution- You might have an inkling of this, or you might be seriously heeding the call.
    Either way, you have come to the right place!


    Crystal Bed Healing Practitioners Certificate, Crystal Bed Network, Gold Life Certification, Life

    Years In Practice

    4 years

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