Emilie Wach

    New York, New York, USA.

    • Esthetician at Heyday Upper West Side
    • Certified Holistic Nutritionist


    After over a decade of dealing with acne and digestive issues, I finally decided to try the holistic route to healing when I was 20. I had recently gone through something traumatic and needed healing in more ways then one. I came across an e-book for clearing skin from the inside out and it all kind of took off from there. I was led off the path a couple of times over the following 5 years, but was always pushed right back onto it (thank you Universe!) I began working in eco beauty in the sales sector after leaving a toxic corporate job in fashion (where the acne and digestive issues came back) and 2 years in I wasn’t satisfied and something felt like it was missing. Even though I was working with products and brands I loved, I needed more; more information, more connection. I had always been incredibly passionate about the correlation between diet and skin health and my intuition steered me in the direction of the Institute for Integrative nutrition. I signed up within a week. I was still working in beauty sales while in school and as I was nearing the end of my time with IIN, I got the intuitive download yet again that I needed to be working hands on with faces and enrolled in esthetics school. It’s been quite the journey and I’ve definitely experienced periods of doubt and feeling lost and purposeless, but the Universe always has something up its sleeve and is only ever trying to help us live our lives more authentically. We don’t go through those rough patches for no reason. I’m constantly working at my trust muscle and integrating patterns of limiting belief and low self worth (my psyche, digestion, and skin are grateful). I’m happy to say that for the first time in a long time, I feel like I’m right where I need to be.


    I approach caring for the skin from a mind/body/nutritional perspective. In order to fix any issue with the skin topically, the real transformation begins on the inside first. Our skin imbalances are only ever trying to communicate something to us from a place of love. That something could be a food that doesn’t align with your digestive system, or a hormonal imbalance, or even a relationship in our life that needs healing and attention. My goal is to guide people away from trying to win the war against their skin issues and come back to a place of love and support. It’s about working with and not against ourselves and our skin.


    • Heyday Upper West Side


    Institute for Integrative Nutrition, Christine Valmy International School for Aesthetics

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    1 Year

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