Ellie Grace

    London, United Kingdom

    • Yoga
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    • Fresh, colorful cooking for retreats, groups or individuals


    I'm a yoga teacher and writer from London. 
    Yoga found me at a time of deep grief and high stress, and by sinking me into the body through mindful awareness and breath control, offered profound healing tools for the challenges of life. The practice has taken me on an incredible journey around the world (and the psyche) and I'm happy to be able to share what I've learned about this beautiful ancient science with private clients and groups alike. 
    I hold a Masters degree in Yoga Studies which has given me the opportunity to marry knowledge of Yoga history, philosophy and Sanskrit with East-West perspectives on the body; Yoga as a tool for social change; psychology, ecology, mysticism and neuroscience. The intersection of Yoga with identity, creativity and emotional healing are of endless fascination to me. 
    >While my personal practice continues to evolve, I love to teach what I think are the essential life skills of Hatha and restorative, with an emphasis on trauma-sensitive practice. I'm passionate about the effects of a daily practice on stress reduction, emotional literacy and self-empowerment and it's my belief that the body's natural intelligence knows how to heal us: we simply need to make space to lay down and connect with the breath. 
    Before becoming a Yoga teacher I was a food writer, chef and restaurateur, so I know a thing or two about good food. I love to cook hearty, fresh, colourful food that nourishes the body and delights the senses, with a nod to seasonal ingredients and Mediterranean and Middle Eastern flavours. Just as the breath knows how to support us, so too does food. I'm available to cook for retreats, groups and workshops - please contact me to start a conversation!
    I'm also a keen hiker, dancer and world traveller.


    My teaching philosophy has its starting point in breath work and mindful movement, confident that anyone can expand their consciousness and can free themselves from stress, anxiety, negative self-talk and depression by committing to the beautiful path that Yoga opens to us. It's my belief that the body knows how to heal us and that wherever we are in life is the perfect place to start. The world today is chaotic, frantic and divided, and our minds and bodies are responding to the ecological and political rupture that we see before us. We as humans have immense potential to rise above the din of confusion, purposelessness and lack of place and to take charge as we build community, strengthen the heart-mind connection and steer society toward a more powerful, healthful realization of our place here. The body and the breath hold the key!


    MA in Yoga Studies, Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles, CA

    Years In Practice

    6 years


    Join Rachel and Ellie for a stimulating afternoon of yoga, meditation, and transformative coaching over a series of nourishing workshops in 2018.
    On the final Sunday of each month our #SundaySeries will explore a new topic around self care, self knowledge and growth. We're here to help you find your voice, be better to yourself, meet some remarkable people, and live more comfortably in your skin. Together we'll pose illuminating and gently challenging questions, share personal experiences, and guide you through key practices to help you take better care of yourself, make balanced decisions, and quiet your inner critic. 
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