Ellie Burrows

    New York, New York, USA.

    • I give New Yorkers space to breathe. At MNDFL, we make meditation accessible and offer simple techniques in an accessible manner.


    ELLIE BURROWS GLUCK is the Cofounder and Chief Executive Officer of MNDFL as well as a Vedic Meditation teacher, certified personal development coach and writer. After graduating magna cum laude from Northwestern University, Ellie served as an executive in the film business for a number of years, focusing on the business side of film: producing, selling, financing and finding new talent. When her meetings began to evolve into coaching sessions around effective communication and interpersonal relationships, she chose to pursue mindfulness in a more meaningful way. Ellie decided to travel the world as a spiritual tourist ultimately returning to New York where she received her Certificate in Coaching from NYU. Shortly thereafter, in 2014, she cofounded MNDFL, New York City's premier meditation company which includes studios, corporate programming, teacher training, an on-demand meditation channel and a non-profit arm, MNDFL Ed. Along the way, Ellie was exposed to Vedic Meditation. What started as a daily practice turned into a full blown love affair, and beginning in 2017 Ellie completed her 2000-hour teacher training program under master teacher Théo Burkhardt.


    All of my work has a common thread: the use of ancient teachings in a contemporary context to inspire compassion, confidence and consciousness in a highly digitized world. I'm interested in the use of old wisdom to open up new parts of our hearts.


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    Ignite Your Spirit Therapy (Registered, insured and practicing) ~ Shanti Mission Harmony Centres, Diploma Business ~ Careers Australia, Diploma Management ~ Careers Australia

    Years In Practice

    MNDFL is 2 years old. My meditation practice is 7 years old (Mindfulness for 5 years, Vedic for 2 years). I've been a work in progress for 33 years.

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