Elisabet Corominas Ferrer

    Los Angeles, California

    • Holistic Integrative Nutrition Coaching
    • Yoga one-on-one and small groups
    • Reiki
    • Plant Based Cooking Workshops
    • Healthy Menu Development
    • Holistic Marketing
    • Wellness Events


    Born and raised multilingual in the Mediterranean, Eli has always had a strong passion for food, connecting with new people and traveling to unexplored new places around the globe. 
    Eli's creativity and strong organizational skills allow her to envision and develop new projects which she can then strategize and execute into real action plans. Eli has a BA in Business and Marketing and is certified as a Holistic Health Coach from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition of New York. After over 4 years practising yoga, Eli got recently certified as an Instructor and is willing to apply the principles of awareness, observance and mindfulness to everything she works in.  She has been working in the Events for 5 years across many different industries including Fashion, Food, Politics and Technology. Her work has taken her to Barcelona, Ibiza and now Los Angeles. 
    Eli has developed her own wellness coaching brand through which she runs workshops, formulates nutritional programs and coaches individuals. Eli applies innovative coaching methods & practical lifestyle management techniques with over 100 dietary theories to help her private clients achieve a healthy lifestyle and curate the quality of the nutrition and wellness events she puts together. Eli's ultimate objective is to support International Holistic Practitioners like herself, develop their businesses including their marketing and participation in health and wellness events but also create a safe environment for her clients and other practitioners clients.


    Bioindividuality, trust yourself. 
    We tend to get overwhelmed by the fact that there are every day new diets, tips and tricks that sometimes even contradict each other and our brains get all messed up trying to follow the most appropriate advice. My approach is to develop a practise that allows us to listen to our bodies and adjust to what it needs in the present moment. No one person is the same, therefore what works for someone might not work for someone else and at the same time, something that worked for you in the past might not be appropriate months or even only weeks later. 
    Natural Ingredients
    A healthy lifestyle based in foods provided by nature. Ingredients that make you feel good inside and outside by following simple but delicious recipes. There is a lot of confusion in nutrition and health. By going back to basics and limiting our diet to consumption of natural ingredients we allow are bodies to be nourished with foods our organism is designed to digest. Eat organic and local. 
    In search of the truth
    Nutrition and studies are constantly changing which brings many advances and benefits but at the same time we can often feel overwhelmed by information, tips, theories and "miracle diets" that sometimes have no scientific foundation. Many professionals can indicate certain practises and products are the best, the most healthy but then we all end up confused and being marketing victims. Because of this, I want my clients to learn to differentiate what is true and whats not. 
    Don´t accept, don´t reject, contemplate.
    I'm not trying to create and impose a diet to my clients but rather inspire them to investigate and experiment to find whats best for them while being accountable for their personal findings. What we resist tends to persist so if we are constantly depriving ourselves from our favourite meals, the need or rebellion to eat the forbidden foods will end up coming up, specially under emotional circumstances. 
    No diets, change your lifestyle. 
    Therefore, I don't propose a diet based on my client's willpower and effort to avoid foods but rather in building a sustainable lifestyle that they enjoy. When this occurs clients start to crave natural foods, fruits, vegetables and end up making decisions from their hearts and not because someone said it would make them look or feel better. Its all about enjoying the journey! 
    Primary vs Secondary Foods
    When I first talk about this concept with clients, many sense that primary foods are greens or vegetables but the fun fact is that primary foods can actually nurture us more than actual food even though they aren't. Primary foods include Relationships, Physical Activity, Career Development and Spirituality. Why eat all the kale in the world if we are deficient in our relationship with others or with ourselves?


    Integrative Nutrition Health Coaching Certification, Yoga Alliance 200h Certification Santosha Yoga Institute, Reiki Level I, Business and Marketing Studies, Universitat de Barcelona, Marketing and Entrepreneurship, UCLA

    Years In Practice

    3 Years

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