Egwin Ertl

    Graz, Styria, Austria

    There are different programs I teach today. All of them are a combination of the different things I've come across in my own training and some are of my own design.

    • Fascial Dynamics
    • Animal-letics
    • Natural movement
    • Reinbahiting
    • Meditation

    This first group is part of a bigger teacher training program about natural movement and spiritual development

    • Qigong
    • Fly High Yoga
    • Coordination training for sportsmen
    • Natural alignment


    I was born and raised in Austria and developed a love for all things movement and development rather early, which was difficult at times, but in the end I wouldn't miss it for the world. I love all kinds of sports, started skiing at the age of three ( how else in Austria), and rock climbing and martial arts with eight. Today I enjoy being either in the mountains or somewhere at the ocean, swimming, surfing, living meditating, and simply moving in nature. After highschool graduation I started to study medicine at the medical university in Graz. Five years later I decided to quite medicine as the western medical point of view and the pressure big pharma puts on doctors to use their medications was not something I wanted to live with for the rest of my life. At that point I had already been doing Taiji, Qigong, Bagua, and meditation for more than 15 years and was teaching for about five years, which is why I decided to become a coach or teacher or whatever term you want to use. Basically I decided that my focus was going to be to help people to reach their potential in becoming or staying healthy and in their personal and spiritual growth. Since 2006 this is what I'm doing on a self employed basis. 2015 I moved to Bali for 8 months as having taught not only teacher training programs for natural movement and human energetics but also burn out prevention workshops and health programs for companies wasn't that fulfilling anymore. Currently I'm building my network to teach on a workshop or retreat and teacher training basis all around the world. Teach what? In short words a combination of all I ever learned. But more about that later. Living development and still living life as well and enjoy wherever possible is my passion and I love to pass on knowledge and methods to everyone who is seriously interested in it.


    Over the years I've come across many different systems of movement, development, meditation energetics etc. Some of the complement each other perfectly in describing the human body, emotions, energy or soul, and some are or seem rather contradictory. Wherever there are many different systems out of different cultures that described the same basic principles plus my own research and observation of my own body and energy system and that of my students, is exactly where my foundation comes from. In my observation of methods that seem to be completely different my first question is always "yes but what was the original intention this system was build upon and furthermore who intended that out of which context in terms of social, geographical, spiritual etc. Surroundings. Most of the time I find that systems and methods that have some really good working principles hidden in them are only seemingly contradictory to others because they lack this special context. Because of that I hardly teach one specific system anymore but rather teach people basic principles for their own work or the work with their clients plus the ability to look at methods from a super perspective point of view in order to choose the one that fits a specific situation or persons need best.
    Personal experience is the most important aspect in doing so, as in my point of view this is much more valuable than any sort of untested belief. My trainings are a mix of practical exercises with many details about modern research, anatomy, physiology, and different spiritual points of view as the theoretical foundation.


    • I'm currently still registered as a Teacher Training Instructor at the IQTÖ and the WTBA plus am active part of the Fly High Yoga Community but I put back all my functions in other Associations to focus primarily on building my own platform.


    Teacher Trainer for Taiji Quan, Qigong and Bagua (IQTOE (Interessensvertretung für Qigong Taiji und Yiquan LehrerInnen Österreichs and WTBA (World Taiji Boxing Assotiation), >Fly High Yoga Teacher (Acacia Jade at Radiantly Alive), Chi Nei Tsang Practitioner Level 2 Tao Garden Mantak Chia, Pranic Healing Practitioner Level 2 Burgi Sedlak, Axial Symmetric Energy Work (Micharl Reid), Human Energetics Mastercourse (Ainsoph -Michael Reid), Traditional Chinese Medicine ( Acupuncture, Moxa, Cupping, Tuina) at, Anatomy (Medical University Graz), Rock Climbing Instructor (ÖAV), And many workshops and trainings about Meditation (Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Bali, Universal Healing Tao System, Daoistic Meditation etc)/ Kinesiology/ Biosynthesis (bodyoriented psychotherapy)/ Yoga/ Swimming/ Energetic Ostheopathy/ Embriology/ Fascia/ Fitness/ Geomanty/ Shamanism

    Years In Practice

    27 years


    Currently I'm in the process of completely renewing my websites. There are two. One is which will remain as a blog, but has outlived it's usefulness for me. Lebenswind was my first platform I've been using since 2004 but I've grown out of it so hopefully within the next view months there is going to be my all new webpage with my latest publications international workshop schedule etc.
    Next retreat plan - setting one up in Sri Lanka and creating a new yearly training camp schedule in Croatia
    Among other things like my youtube channel I 'm currently also writing a book about movement, soul and energetics.

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