Dr. Randy Martin

    Encino, California, USA

    • Acupuncture
    • Homeopathy
    • Chinese Herbs
    • Nutrition


    Dr Randy Martin, OMD, PhD, LAc, in practice since 1983, is an authority on holistic health and has a national reputation for resolving the most difficult health issues. In addition to his specialty working with women's health issues and pain management, he also treats men and children for a wide variety of health problems, including ADD/ADHD, Depression, Anxiety and digestive problems.
    People from all over the country schedule private phone sessions with Dr. Martin and seek his advice, both short and long-term, to strengthen their immunity, heal pain, balance neuro-transmitters, hormones, and for a better mind-body-spirit connection.


    Dr. Martin utilizes the framework of classical homeopathy and traditional Chinese medicine in analyzing and treating health problems. As appropriate, he will also integrate Western medical diagnostic tests and approaches. Dr. Martin believes that it is important to approach health and healing as a team; teamwork between the patient and doctor are critical to empowering the patient's own inner healer. He also stresses the importance of working as a healing team with any others doctors the patient may be working with.
    Communication is vital to this process, and Dr. Martin stresses the importance of open and honest communication. He specializes in the treatment of woman's health, including PMS, endometriosis, cysts, and fibroids; children's health, such as hyperactivity, ear, nose and throat infections and behavioral problems; and pain of all kinds, from headaches to arthritis. He also works with many people in addiction withdrawl, to help stop smoking and for weight problems.
    The emphasis in Dr. Martin's practice is always on treatment of the whole person, including the emotional and spiritual aspects of the healing process. Although treating the whole person can sometimes take a bit longer, it is much more effective in the long run


    Randy Martin, a graduate of the California Acupuncture College and SAMRA University of Oriental Sciences, is licensed in the states of California and Oregon to practice acupuncture and the Oriental healing arts. He also has extensive postgraduate training and experience in nutritional counseling, herbal medicine and homeopathy and has been in practice since 1983.

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