Dorit Jaffe

    New York, United States

    • Customized 1:1 nutrition programs
    • Stress Management
    • Corporate Wellness Programs and Workshops
    • Recipe Development
    • Food + wellness writing


    Dorit Jaffe is a certified holistic nutrition counselor working with people to implement healthier eating habits, manage stress, and lose weight, for good. She creates personalized meal plans based on one's body type and health goals. Dorit integrates simple stress management techniques for her clients to incorporate daily and gain a more consciously aware relationship with their bodies. Nourishing a healthy mind with healthy food is what she emphasizes most of all. She is also a food and wellness writer, and loves meditation and reading spiritual thought provoking books which inspire her creative writing. ... Healing myself with holistic medicine and witnessing the improvements from within really inspired me to help others along their journey. I used to struggle with overeating, a poor immune system, hormonal issues, acne, and digestive issues. I decided one day, that it was enough and I was tired of getting sick and feeling bad all the time. I began cooking more healthy meals, exercising, and working with a naturopath. Through my own healing process, I learned so much about where our habits and problems stem from, and it inspired me to work with others and helping them feel good everyday as well.


    Eat and live whole through healing your mind, body and soul


    Integrative Institute of Nutrition

    Years In Practice

    4 years

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