Diana Garcia

    Mexico City, Mexico

    • Ceremonial BE WHAT YOU DREAM ritual therapy
    • Personalized BE WHAT YOU DREAM Guardian (spiritual animal amalgama) or Sculpture
    • Guided experience to a Family Constellations with a Leader
    • Guided experience to a Sweat Lodge Ceremony with Shamans in the forest of Mexico City


    Diana´s purpose is to share the message BE WHAT YOU DREAM through different mediums like drawings, sculptures, installations, murals, collages, performances, videos and experiences. Her murals and street art Guardians, the Uniwolfcheetah, Jicuri and others, can been seen in multiple walls in Mexico and the USA. Speaker at TEDx Oaxaca in 2014. Producer of the social innovative / activist / art / music Oaxacan festival, CATAPULTA in 2015. 

    For the past 2 years, she has been guiding groups to different healing therapy rituals with masters of Sweat Lodges Ceremonies and Family Constellations in Mexico City. 

    She has created the BE WHAT YOU DREAM therapy, and with it, can design a Guardian (spiritual animal amalgama) or Sculpture through the visualisation of your dreams.


    The BE WHAT YOU DREAM philosophy invites to be responsible for oneself, following our passion through the purpose of life. If each being is aware of connecting with that inner light, we can collectively access a state of peace, harmony and love.

    1. Ceremonial BE WHAT YOU DREAM ritual therapy

    It´s mix of the teachings from my different guides, shamans, teachers and gurus in a ceremonial therapy about BEING WHAT YOU DREAM, helping you find the mission of your existence. We´ll connect with spirit through cards, opening the portal of our presence to start the conversation. During the session, we´ll explore the different obstacles created by oneself that deprive from connecting and achieving the dream and mission of life. A journey of recognition and embracement of the purpose of the soul, leaving with a feeling of calmness and excitement to take action and be the dream. Spirit and body cleansing at the end of the session to clear out unbalanced energies. 
    This therapy is for those who are seeking their personal truth and are in the search of honesty and transformation in their lives. 
    You´ll leave with a signed print of the Uniwolfcheetah, a Guardian who´ll be a reminder to connect with your essence. 

    2. Through the ceremonial exploration of the BE WHAT YOU DREAM ritual therapy, I will create a Sculpture made of still nature or draw a Guardian (spiritual animal amalgama) related to the energy you want to bring to you life and space. This conversation can also be over the phone, if in a different state or country. The piece will be delivered after. 

    3. Family constellations is an alternative therapeutic method which draws on elements of family systems therapy, existential phenomenology and attitudes to family. In a single session, a family constellation attempts to reveal a previously unrecognized systemic dynamic that spans multiple generations in a given family and to resolve the deleterious effects of that dynamic by encouraging the subject to encounter representatives of the past and accept the factual reality of the past. It diverges significantly from conventional forms of cognitive, behaviour and psychodynamic psychotherapy. When interested in exploring this method, Diana will priorly prepare you and will be a supporter when in the ritual with the Leader. 

    4. A sweat lodge or Mother´s woumb is a low profile hut, typically dome-shaped or oblong, and made with natural materials. The structure is the lodge, and the ceremony performed within the structure may be called a purification ceremony or a sweat. It is intended as a spiritual ceremony for prayer and healing. Diana can lead you to her Shamans on the forrest of Mexico City to experience a traditional mexican sweat.


    Major in Communications at UDEM


    2 years


    When doing a ceremonial BE WHAT YOU DREAM ritual therapy, you´ll leave with a signed print of the Uniwolfcheetah, a Guardian who´ll be a reminder to connect with your essence.

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