Derrick Pousson

    Ingleside, Illinois, USA.

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    I’m a Chiropractor in the Chigoland area with a unique practice in the sense that it’s mobile. I bring more than just health and healing to people because I allow people the space to find their own near perfect way of life after having the restrictions in their energetic flow removed as needed. I started this mobile practice because when I was in a heavy state of dis-ease (frequent upper respiratory infections, skin infections, urinary infections) I had to take a lot of time out of my day just to see the doctor and I realized how much life I missed out on just to see the doctor for 5 minutes. What really drove me to become a Chiropractor was the level of healing that occurred within myself when I was in care with Chiropractic. For 8 years I suffered with the symptoms above without any answer from doctors for why my body was failing me even in my prime as a collegiate wrestler. When I received my first adjustment, it was the most destructive and painful thing that happened to me because my body was in such a high state of dysfunction that releasing the tension relieved the illness but resulted in physical spinal pain that I never had before. I admit I wasn’t happy with this result, and didn’t appreciate it until a few more adjustments in where I felt this state of balance that I never knew was possible. It was in that moment that I became a Chiropractor and eventually found my way into Reiki energy work and was taught how to incorporate it into my work after it helped me find forgiveness for the sexual abuse, emotional neglect and shaming I was put through at a young age. When I bring Chiropractic and Reiki together people heal themselves. Adding in muscle re-education, mental health, and dietary modifications helps strengthen the changes we make together.


    My current understanding of health and healing is that we can FULLY heal ourselves from anything and FULLY express life on our own. To do this, the mind-body-spirit needs as little interference in communication as possible. My job is to work with people to remove the physical, mental/emotional, and chemical/dietary interferences se we can find the version of yourself that you forgot existed.


    Doctor of Chiropractic, Logan College of Chiropractic B.S. Exercise Science, SIUe Reiki Master, Lisa Powers Online Reiki

    Years In Practice

    1 Year

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