Deborah Antich

    Leander, Texas.

    • Private Appointments
    • Substance Use and Trauma related Appointments
    • Akashic Records Reading
    • Group Readings
    • Private Dinners
    • Workshops and Retreats
    • Business Consulting


    My favorite population to work with has always been at risk children, people who are struggling but ready to overcome their obstacles, survivors of trauma, and people that have been through the justice system and/or substance use. Of course these aren't my only clients, but they are my favorite.

    I've always utilized my own intuition since early childhood, and helping people open up and access their own for the benefit of having a happier, whole life is my life's work. So many of life's struggles come from not working with our own intuition, but against it. Understanding this is what has driven my work with individuals, groups, organizations and families. It gives me the greatest joy to watch generations of trauma being undone, in private appointments and through Unstitching, the process I created to help people understand the root of their patterns, and how to understand and undo or work with them.

    My own struggles with learning disabilities and my now diagnosed Autism have contributed greatly to my work and I often ask the question, am I Intuitive because I'm Autistic, or am I Autistic because I'm Intuitive?! Honestly the two go hand in hand and my personal experiences and struggles help me to better understand and empathize with clients especially while channeling and addressing highly impactful memories and experiences. Intuition is integrated into everything I do and I'm grateful for the opportunity to access it to help and advocate for others.


    All of my work is Peer Oriented and Person Centered. I utilize a Trauma Informed Model which is instrumental especially when working with root trauma, Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES) and generational trauma. All that has been done can also be undone, in a loving, kind and non-judgemental way.


    Certified Akashic Records Readings (Center for Akashic Studies)

    Licensed Drug Offender Educator (State of Texas)

    Certified Family Partner (Mental Health Professional State of Texas)

    Years In Practice

    7 Years. 

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