David Sauvage

    New York, New York, USA.

    • Emotional Healing
    • Spiritual Development
    • Intuitive Business Consulting


    David Sauvage is a highly sensitive empath. An empath is someone who literally feels someone else’s feelings. For most empaths, these feelings are fleeting and random, but not for David. On command, he empties himself of his own feelings and tunes directly into you. Your feelings express themselves through David’s physical body. Then he articulates what is going on with you and guides you on your path. He literally shares the experience of being you with care and compassion. Then he guides you to self-acceptance and integration. He is a sort of emotional alchemist, a genius of feelings.
    After spending time with David, you will feel more like yourself. Calmer, centered, and anchored in the belief that whoever you are and whatever you’re dealing with is necessary and even beautiful. You will have a profound experience of being seen, a newfound understanding of your blindspots, and the permission to feel all of your feelings. 
    David has has done readings all over the world at private events and hotel openings, in popups and art galleries, and in the middle of Times Square. Now he is launching a show in virtual reality. He loves speaking about empathy and how to develop a healthy relationship with your emotions.


    An open heart and lots of inner work.

    Years In Practice

    2 Years


    - David is truly a gift. He articulated with profound accuracy my emotional state, that of others in my life, and he offered great advice on how to navigate those relationships. It was uncanny. He is an incredible talent that we're lucky to have. –Diana
    - When David tuned in, it was like my emotions flowed effortlessly through him. He pinpointed exactly what I was feeling and showed me how to handle the obstacles headed my way. Most awesome was the euphoria I felt for two full days after our reading. –Jess
    - What I am most grateful for is David's ability to cut to the heart of the matter and bring clarity with compassion and humor. My session helped me embrace the path of accepting, celebrating and living my authentic self. –Robyn
    - With David, something simple and powerful drives the conversation. It sounds grandiose, but he has literally brought me closer to fulfilling my soul’s purpose. –Jason
    - What I got was a renewed connection to my creativity. David gave me tools to address the sources of my frustrations. I feel more clarity than ever. And I'm doing the best work of my life. –Ben
    - My consultations brought me clarity about things I was struggling with forever. In a gentle manner, David showed me things about myself I had no idea about. He helped me grow both on a professional and personal level. I call him the Wizard. –Houda

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