Danielle Thornton

    Dallas, TX, US.

    • Transition Specialist , End of Life Doula, Yoga, Reiki, Meditation, Somatic Bodywork, 


    Danielle Thornton, STARANA
    Transition Specialist, End of Life Doula, RYT500, Reiki Master

    My practice provides healing support through the modalities of somatic bodywork,  guided meditation and visualization, yoga, breathing practices, reiki, and healing touch to work with each person's unique needs.  My intention is to be a presence of calm strength so my clients have a safe space to let go, relax, and just simply exhale.

    While working in the medical and long-term care settings for almost 10 years, I found these environments can easily add stress and discomfort to people who are already facing a challenging experience. In order to be a solution, I first needed to find a way to manage my own stress and overall feeling of dissatisfaction with life, that no external life circumstance could seem to soothe. This prompted my journey in studying ancient wisdom and science to uncover a deeper authenticity, peace, balance, healing, and fulfillment.  Combining my love of enriching travel experiences with education, for the past several years I have been extensively studying Yoga, Meditation, Pranayama (breath work), Somatic  Bodywork, Mindfulness, Energy Medicine, Consciousness, and Reiki abroad and locally.  

    Experiencing the transformative power of these practices first hand, I have prioritized and integrated them into my own life.  It's now my mission to bring this knowledge and wisdom to others - ultimately improving the quality of life, growth, and health of my clients. 

    My intention is to continuously practice aligning with the life cycles of death and rebirth (or letting go and expansion) that occur many times throughout our lifespan; and how to best utilize life challenges for personal and spiritual growth.  Now merging purpose with service,  I learn more deeply every day that the more we can more healthily transform ourselves, the more that can effectively be shared with others.


    I believe that life transitions can be powerful opportunities for extraordinary growth and transformation.  


        • Yoga Alliance
          • National Home Funeral Alliance


    Bachelor's Degree/ Corporate Communications and Public Affairs @ SMU
    RYT 500- Zuna Yoga
    Reiki Master- Healing Today
    Certified End of Life Doula- School of Accompanying the Dying 

    Years In Practice

    5 Years

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