Daniel Regan

    Redondo Beach, CA, USA

    • Gene Keys Readings
    • Personal Development Coaching
    • Breath-work


    Daniel Regan is a global citizen who draws from cultivated gnosis through a wealth of years of experience. 
    His zest for life, mystical adventure and vehement love for sharing and awakening others into self realization has led him to travel the world presenting Gene Keys Wisdom, breathwork and personal development consulting & mentoring with people from all cultures and backgrounds. 
    Stepping away from the corporate world where he had a successful career in Operations & Personnel Management in the Civil Construction industry, Daniel is now fully dedicated to the development of his own inner planes while assisting others in the awakening out of the same social structures, 
    conditioning and patterns that once held him hostage. 
    He is continually led by his intuition and deep trust in the web of life, spiralling into explorations of new places and synchronistic events that align with people who are ready to receive the living wisdom transmission. 
    Embracing the joys of living a nomadic existence, he is on a quest to restore vitality and radiance in peoples lives by inspiring them in practical ways to fully embrace and bloom into their inherent genius. 
    He is pioneering a new way of BEing in these times of great change and opportunity on the planet.


    “Shadow diving is warriors work.. The greatest diamonds lie in the darkest places…”


    Passionate student of Coaching, Human Design & Gene Keys from 2010

    Years In Practice

    11 years

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