Cristina Vega

    College Point, New York, USA.

    • Life Coaching
    • Reiki
    • Tarot


    I am a Intuitive Life Coach from New York City. I utilize intuition, spirituality and mindset practices to enhance my clients overall quality of life. I come from a long line of healers, teachers and spiritual influencers. It is my life's mission to walk in a similar path by promoting conscious living practices for women. In partnership with my clients, I assist them to effortlessly express their authentic selves in all areas of their lives. Clients work with me because they are seeking a container in which they can safely and openly explore the depths of themselves.


    Life Coaching can be described as a collaborative approach to self discovery where the coaching relationship is designed to give all the power to the client. A life coach aides clients in making the connection between their head and their heart through questioning and self exploration.
    As a trained professional, I assist clients to set and obtain personal goals. Trained to listen intently, to ask the appropriate questions, and to help clients expand on their own limiting beliefs, I provide clients with the opportunity to uncover their own “personal best”.
    All too often clients seek out a coach to get answers. I believe that you already know the answers to every question or challenge you will ever face in life, you just need someone to help you realize what you have known all along. 
    By utilizing a cognitive behvaiorial approach I will help you to expand your view of life and trancend all negative thought patterns. You will reclaim your confidence and become an action-oriented, value focused individual. Increase your self awareness and experience people and the world around you in a new and more powerful way. Let's get you living a happier, more fullfilling life.


    Certified Professional Coach through the Leadership that Works Program

    Years In Practice

    3 years

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