Cristiano Rosato

    Biella, Italy.

    • Pilates
    • Personal Training
    • Meditation
    • Kryloga
    • Yoga


    It begins to 19 to work in the gyms as teacher of musical courses (step, total body, gag, aerobics, etc) courses while I was frequenting the university of Motor Sciences. After a few years I began to work as Personal Trainer; After a few years I began to work as Personal Trainer; I drew near me to the Pilates, and after a few months as pupil decided to study well the method Pilates. Now from 2 years I also practice Yoga. From almost one year I have created a new method of training...KRYLOGA! KRYLOGA is the perfect meeting between the modern Pilates and the ancient Yoga.


    My Philosophy: Every problem is an opportunity! Everything depends on our mind; in India they say whether to check the mind is as to capture a gone crazy monkey...almost impossible.
    You may control a mad elephant;
    You may shut the mouth of the bear and the tiger;
    Ride the lion and play with the cobra;
    By alchemy you may leam your livelihood;
    You may wander through the universe incognito;
    Make vassals of the gods;
    Be ever youthful;
    You may walk in water and live in fire;
    But control of the mind is better and more difficult.
    With the Kryloga you calm the mind with the specific exercises increasing the awareness of your body.


    • Chair of A.S.D. why not fitness club
    • A fitness centre in my city


    Certified plates instructor, Certified personal trainer, Founder of kryloga, Chair of A.S.D. why not fitness club, A fitness centre in my city

    Years In Practice

    12 years

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