Courtney Deri

    New York, New York, USA.

    • Movement
    • Yoga
    • Dance


    “Nothing is more revealing than movement.” –Martha Graham.
    Courtney dedicates her life to movement and mediation. Born and raised in sunny California, she found her self in a dance studio from the age of 3. Courtney pursued her passion for classical ballet for many years, and believes she would not be where she is now without it. She studied and performed with various prestigious schools and companies across the United States. Courtney also spent time studying at Boston Conservatory. 
    In May of 2014, Courtney completed her RYS 200 hour certification at Back Bay Yoga Boston, under Lynne Begier, Ryan Cunningham, and Caitlyn Graham Visconte. A practice that started with the intention to compliment her dancing, but before she knew it, the yoga became the starring role in her life. This practice ignited a spiritual fire within her, and continues to feed her soul ever since. She continues to study and practice under the guidance of her teacher Jamie Lugo.
    Inspired by the workings of the mind, finding release through movement, and honoring of emotion, Courtney strives to offer a safe place for you to step into your conscious to discover, and explore your center of strength and personal power.
    Now living, teaching, and learning in NYC, Courtney is extremely honored to apart of a community that prioritizes over all well - being. Teaching at The Class by Taryn Toomey, and working with private clients in yoga and movement. She encourages and believes that everyone should find a practice that always reminds you to never leave your soul behind.


    I believe in the deeply healing power of creating a loving, non-judgmental space for someone to explore their inner world, connect with their own innate wisdom, and find their inner truth. In my coaching sessions, I encourage my clients to uncover and examine their deepest desires, to determine what would be most nourishing to them, and to find approachable ways of infusing their life with experiences that support their wellness. In Breath-work Healing sessions, I offer my clients a space to powerfully, but gently remove energetic blockages and connect with their truest essence. These sessions can be particularly effective for releasing stored pain, grief, or trauma. I use a combination of Animal Medicine cards and Vision Quest Tarot cards to support my client's ability to connect with Spirit and receive guidance around major life transitions, challenging circumstances, or how to navigate the upcoming seasons.


    Yoga Trainings:
    200 RYS from Back Bay Yoga in Boston, MA ( now Yoga Works), 100 RYS from Heather Lilleston & Jamie Lugo, 50 RYS YoJo, 160 hours with The Class by Taryn Toomey - a training much more than how to teach the practice. An intense study of self and emotion. To take a deep look into the relationship you have with yourself, and where lies your potential. A complete re-routing of ones life if you allow it.

    Years In Practice

    3 years

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