Christina Blake

    Astoria, New York, USA.

    • Psychic Readings using Oracles and Tarot along with my natural abilities.


    Psychic Readings using Oracles and Tarot along with my natural abilities.
    Isis is called such and let's look at her explanation why. She does have a birth name, but only uses it when needed to. From the time she was 9 years old, this Great Queen Goddess appealed to her. Especially after her father had traveled several times to Egypt. And he brought back trinkets and amulets, jewelry for her. She felt this connection to the Goddess even then. Since that time, she chose to be called Isis.
    Isis came to recognize her mediumship and psychic abilities fully as an adult. Unlike most psychics who recognize and embrace their abilities fairly young. Isis who had untapped intuitive abilities, did not really pay any mind to these things growing up. However, a severe life trauma opened her up to the World of Spirit. Isis realized her mediumship skills upon the death of her aunt. Isis dreamt of her aunt (unbeknowst to her that her aunt passed during the night) and the both of them were at a bus stop. Isis tried and tried to get her aunt to board the bus. But her aunt would not ,her aunt told Isis that she had to go somewhere to go at that time. When Isis awoke from this dream, there was a voice mail from Isis's mother saying that her sister(Isis Aunt) passed over during the night. But the most memorable story is when Isis had a incredible urge to take out her Spirit Talking Board. As soon as she put her hands upon the planchette. Spirit spelled out " Your friend Karen has died." Karen was a very good penpal friend of Isis from Wales.A week later Isis received a overseas letter from her friend Karen's fiancee, that Karen had indeed passed away. And the day of Karen passing was the day Isis received the message from her Spirit Board. This was valid confirmation that it was time to be open and listen to Spirit. And more importantly to  follow this path of service.
    Isis is clairaudient (the ability to hear Spirit), claircognizant (Clear Knowing), precognitive (knowing before it happens), clairsentient (clear feeling/to feel Spirit). Sometimes, she sees messages clairvoyantly (clear seeing/to see Spirit).
    She has studied Tarot extensively for close to 6 years.  And she's still learning something new everyday.  As well as becoming proficient in Crystal Therapy.
    Isis is a born and bred New Yorker. She loves the Big Apple! Even after 9/11 she would never abandon her hometown. Isis is a avid of reader of all kinds of books. Spirituality, Angels, Romance, Suspense, Ancient Histories (especially Ancient Egypt-it is literally her first love-past life ties there). She collects Egyptian memorabilia and oracle/tarot decks. She loves going sightseeing,  to movies, plays, amusement parks, museums. And course doing lots of awesome and fun activities with her children. She is a loving full time parent to her children.


    I believe in the highest quality of services for all of my customers. I believe my customers are my greatest asset, and I  am dedicated to serving your needs. 
    My aim is to challenge the normal mindset and expand your horizons with esoteric  & spiritual teachings that can possibly be life-changing. In a good way of course... There is much more to life than what we can see. And I wish to connect with those of a like mind. 


    • The Fellowship of Isis (From June 2006 to Present)
    • A.M.O.R.C(From September 2009 to Present)


    Diploma received: Pharmacy Technician-1998, Completed with Honors-Online Tarot Course-4/10/2006, Diploma received: Astrology/Parapsychology(Stratford Career Institute)-November 2006, Ordained Seer of the ULC 6/3/2007, Holistic Studies Institute of NY 2007-2008

    Years In Practice

    13 years

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