Christiaan Maats

    Amsterdam, Netherlands.

    • Analytical therapy (Jungian psychology)
    • Professional coaching
    • Teaching (design)
    • Speaking (design, sustainability, psychology)
    • Brand concept development
    • Sustainable product design


    I'm a product designer by trade, psychologist by hobby and mediator by nature. Which means I develop concepts that somehow (ideally) bring together society and nature in some way. It also results in me helping clients as a Jungian analyst one day a week as a therapist and professional coach.
    I have always had an interest in psychology and finding out about human development both as a species and as creative individuals. I specialized in storytelling through product design during my master's at the Delft Technical University and after graduating in 2008 I created OAT Shoes, the world's first biodegradable shoes that bloom. In 2014 I decided to invest more time into psychological theory and went to study Jungian psychology at the Jung Academy in Amsterdam for 3 years, where I graduated in 2017 with 1.5 years of real time client experience.


    My philosophy is that everyone tells stories to make sense of the world and of themselves. But sometimes those stories don't make us feel better about ourselves. We can get stuck, feel down, stressed or burnt out, because we let the stories override our intuition. My job is to reconnect people to that intuition.
    As a designer, I create products and rituals that stimulate people to connect to nature and improve their quality of life. As a therapist I listen, ask questions and do creative exercises that reconnect you to your intuition.
    Jung said that everything we hate or are annoyed by in other people are parts of ourselves we push away and that everything we admire in others are hidden potentials in our own subconscious. Connecting to those subconscious voices -positive and negative- will allow us to grow into the unique individuals we are meant to become.


    BSc. Industrial Design Engineering, Technical University Delft, MSc. Integrated Product Design, Technical University Delft, Diploma Jungian Analytical Therapist, Jung Academy Amsterdam

    Years In Practice

    Therapist: 1.5 Years
    Designer: 9 Years

    Review your healing experience, service or product