Chase Elder

    Ojai, California, USA.

    • Restaurant Chef
    • Event Caterer
    • Consultant
    • Private chef
    • Cooking classes
    • Health Coach
    • Meal planning and delivery


    Chase Elder is plant focused Chef that has worked in fabulous NYC restaurants, and more recently at an innovative wellness oasis The Springs in DTLA. She is currently consulting for Beaming for their Summer 2017 menu. She is a friend of a farmer and believes in using local produce in the peak of it's season, and showcasing it's natural beauty through minimal processing. Chase is an advocate for food and believes in a "will work for food'' philosophy by respecting the ingredients and focusing on minimal waste. When using animal proteins, she believes in using the highest quality product that is not only organic, but sustainable, as she cares about the future of our food chain. Her cooking style incorporates flavors from Asia, as well as the Middle East by using techniques and exotic spices and ingredients. Her grandmother was her first culinary inspiration and showed her the secrets of the deep south, so don't be surprised if she cooks you soul food!
    Chase graduated from The Integrated Institute of Nutrition in 2015 and is passionate about working with individuals looking to improve their diet by using food as medicine. She is up to date on dieting trends, and all the latest superfoods and supplements, and can cater to your cleansing needs. 


    When a client is interested in changing their diet, I start them with an approach that is manageable, as not to overwhelm. The goal is to change the palate gradually, so that they evolve into someone who craves clean food and flavors.


    School of Hardknocks - NYC chef training, IIN-Certified Health Coach, FIT-Fashion Merchandising

    Years In Practice

    7 years

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