Cesar Daoud

    Beirut, Lebanon

    • Physiotherapy
    • Acupuncture
    • Posturology
    • IV Nutrient Therapy
    • On-Site Stress Management
    • Ergonomics Corporate Training
    • Visceral Osteopathy
    • Wellness Treatments
    • Women's Health


    Cesar Daoud is a Lebanese/French physiotherapist and acupuncturist. He studied physiotherapy in Lebanon and France where he completed his PhD in Physiotherapy. He studied and became licensed in acupuncture in China. 
    He worked as a physiotherapist during many years before opening his own clinic offering a wide range of services in both conventional and alternative medicines.
    With a strong thirst for knowledge, Cesar has gained many new and complementary qualifications such as visceral ostheopathy and IV Nutrient Therapy from Holland, France, UK amongst other countries. 
    Cesar has dedicated his life to offering a whole and mindful experience to his patients. From illness to wellness, he works towards generating healthy behavioral changes which will, in turn, create lasting improvement to ensure a healthy and ill health free life.


    bioenergy Integrative Health Center is a revolutionary model of health care that has developed unique and personalized treatments where both, patient and therapist participate actively, with the mutual intention to restore body self-healing. 
    By integrating conventional and alternative medicines, we go beyond symptoms and treat dysfunction at its source. Our main focus is to empower our patient to embrace lifelong health and well-being.


    PhD in Physiotherapy, Lebanon & France

    Licensed in Acupuncture & Traditional Medicine, China

    Certification of Kinanthropometry, UK

    Certification ''Fundamentals and Clinical Applications of IV Nutrient Therapies'', UK

    Certification Kinesiology

    Years In Practice

    13 Years. 

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