Celeste Young

    Santa Monica, California, USA.

    • Group Classes: The Basics of Mindfulness Meditation, Mindfulness for Emotional Balance, Awakening the Heart and other Buddhist Dharma classes
    •  One on one private mindfulness and Dharma sessions
    •  Yin yoga
    •  Corporate and organizational mindfulness programs
    • Small group workshops
    •  Retreats & Special Events


    Celeste has been practicing meditation for over 15 years. She was invited to join the very first teacher development cohort at InsightLA under the guidance of founder Trudy Goodman in 2011 and has since taught thousands of students the basics of mindfulness over the years, offering several public classes a week as a core teacher at InsightLA in both beginning meditation courses and intermediate Buddha’s Path studies. In addition, she teaches mindfulness for other organizations and companies, works with individuals privately, and leads workshops, day-longs, pop-up mindfulness events and residential retreats. Her background includes many years as a yoga practitioner, Peter Levine’s somatic experiencing training, and nearly a decade of sitting silent meditation retreat each year, with a strong commitment to long retreats of 1-3 months. She is honored to have been authorized as a Dharma teacher by Jack Kornfield and Trudy Goodman. Celeste loves sharing the practice of mindfulness with others and strongly believes in the power of mindful awareness to heal and re-connect with our own inherent sense of ease and well-being.


    My teaching is strongly influenced by my commitment to silent meditation retreat practice in the Insight tradition, as well as body based awakening practices. For nearly a decade I have maintained a commitment to sit silent retreat each year and it has transformed my life. The intersection of formal meditation and daily life is of particular interest to me, having practiced a lot with integrating what I have gained from practice into daily life. I am motivated by a strong desire to alleviate suffering and to help others live with more wakefulness and compassion, so that we can all create a healthier world together. My interest is in meeting people where they are and helping everyone find a relationship to the practice that works for them and is supportive of their particular life conditions.


    • InsightLA
    • Spirit Rock


    BA in Interdisciplinary Studies from California Institute of Integral Studies, Personal mentorship from the founding teacher of InsightLA, Trudy Goodman, Mentorship from Kim Eng, 6 years as the core teacher for Santa Monica's Basics of Mindfulness program at InsightLA, Graduate of Spirit Rock's Mindfulness, Meditation, and Yoga Teacher Training and Spirit Rock's Advanced Practitioner Program, Yin Yoga teacher training with Sarah Powers and Paul Grilley, Somatic Experiencing Training, Dharma teacher authorization in the Theravada Buddhist tradition from Jack Kornfield and Trudy Goodman

    Years In Practice

    7 Years


    - June 1st to 5th 2018: Living Wisdom Tulum Retreat. 
    - Drop in candlelight meditation at InsightLA Thursday, June 15th from 9:00 - 10:15pm. 
    - Women's Meditation Circle at Love Yoga in Venice 7:30 - 9:30 pm June 24th. 
    - Radiant Mind, Compassionate Heart Residential Silent Retreat in Rancho Palos Verdes July 1 - 4th 2018. 
    - New Buddha's Path Class Series-- Finding Joy and Ease: Living the Dharma in Daily Life Tuesday nights beginning July 18th 2018. 
    - Daytime Basics of Mindfulness beginning July 19th 2018. 

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