Catherine Hoyan

    Brooklyn, New York

    • Pure Art method creator
    • Reiki master
    • Reiki teacher
    • Vedic art teacher
    • Hypnotist
    • Ancestry
    • Bloodlines purifier; Curse, Beings and Field cleaner.


    "Whatever you do returns you to the trinity"
    My life path is a life in consciousness and responsibility for everything that I give to people, the visible and invisible worlds.
    My experiences have repeatedly reassured me in this. Thanks to that I live in a new, pure quality.
    What we say to ourselves and others is characterized by energy and has the power to change. In this way, we can heal.
    I've been teaching this path for 18 years. First as a teacher and practitioner of ReiKi Usui Shiki Ryoho, later going his own path full of confidence in running from the Source.
    Four years ago I got access to knowledge and started the practice in the original PURE ART program. It is a combination of work with the body and soul completed by painting the image read from the client's field. For a year I have been initiating other therapists to work with this method.
    Three years ago, I gained access to knowledge and since then I have been cleaning the lineage of blockages, curses and anxieties. These treatments affect the entire life of the client - physical, emotional, spiritual and professional.
    I freely communicate with the client's soul, which allows me to read previous lives. It is a way of solving problems with inexplicable fears, addictions and stress.
    I happen to escort souls to the Source and clean properties from an unidentified energy emanation.
    A year ago I got access to knowledge and PURE SOUL appeared as a combination of work with body and soul using sound. Each of these methods is unique and brings spectacular results.
    I lead group healing meditations. I love to cure warm-blooded animals. I paint intentional images that change the energy of rooms and, as my recipients say, change their lives.
    My gratitude is huge and each treatment I make is a nod to the Source of all wisdom.
    2009 - master, teacher of ReiKi Usui Shiki Ryoho
    2010 - Vedic Art teacher
    2013 -master, teacher PURE ART
    2014 - master of family lineages
    2015 - hypnosis therapist Milton Erickson
    2016 - PURE SOUL Master


    "Whatever you do returns you to the trinity"
    I help people using Pure Soul, Pure Art, Pure Lineage, Reiki, hypnosis and Vedic Art


    • Purity of Energy


    Reiki master, Hypnotist of Erickson's method, Vedic Art teacher, Pure Soul Master, Pure Art Master, Pure Lineage Master

    Years In Practice

    12 years


    I am developing my youtube channel for creating online holistic community to rise awareness of the mental and spiritual health and its influence on the life of the people.

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