Cassie Zaychuk

    Calgary, Alberta, Canada

    • One on One & Couples Coaching
    • Kundalini Yoga
    • Tea Ceremony
    • Women's Circles
    • Workshops
    • Retreats
    • Pop Ups & Events


    Cassie Zaychuk is the creator and owner of Stillness & Surrender, which offers an experience of wellness, lifestyle, fashion, beauty + grace. Through transformational healing that allows you to to step more fully into yourself, into a space of safety, support, devotion, sensuality, passion, intimacy, love + creativity. Where your begin to embody inspiration, are brought alive, where everything you do becomes an act of art.


    Cassie Zaychuk creates a space where you are able to deepen your awareness, and create a depth and intention within your life. So when you reach a place where you would normally shut down, get neurotic, go into fight or flight or do anything but be present; you can instead have an experience of compassion, soften, and relax your central nervous system into the deep reservoir of skills, space and elevation that you have strengthened and activated within yourself. So you can fully embody authenticity within each moment, breathe + movement as you step more fully into yourself.


    BHSc Specialization in Addictions Counselling University of Lethbridge, Meditation Teacher Training Lifestyle Meditation, Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Harijiwan & Tej, Los Angeles, As well as Courses, Classes + Talks from the amazing and inspiring teachers and healers in my life that share their wisdom and knowledge with me in each moment

    Years In Practice

    I started my journey 10 years ago and have been supporting people in different roles and capacities throughout this time, as I shift and grow so does the work I share with the world.

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