Casey Marie

    Merrick, New York, USA.

    • Tea Ceremony
    • Tea Meditation
    • Tea as Medicine


    Casey's journey began along the south shore of Long Island. Whether it was running the Long Beach boardwalk, boarding in the surf, or meditating and practicing yoga in the sand, a deep connection formed with the waves. The rhythmic teachings of the ocean allowed for the perfect backdrop to quiet reflection of Self. Through this harmonious kinship with the salt and sand, Casey has journeyed farther to unite mind, body, and spirit with our great mother.
    Through her introduction to Global Tea Hut she discovered that the marriage of water and leaf had a profound effect on her routine. The incorporation of tea to her mediation practice has truly centered her. Additionally, she pulls inspiration and influence from the writings and lessons of Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Saul David Rave, as well as Wude & The Global Tea Hut Family. 
    It has been through the incorporation of tea into her daily meditation that Casey has found her truest self. 
    The concordance of the leaf and the feminine divine is one of great importance and Casey strives to help all individuals find a connection with feminine intuition and to follow their true path.


    Through Ceremony we learn surrender ourselves to Tea and all that she has to say.


    5 years of study, Ten Day course on Tea

    Years In Practice

    20+ Years

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