Carolyn Thompson

    Austin, Texas, US.

    • Energy Medicine
    • Hawaiian Lomilomi
    • Spiritual consulting/mentoring


    Born in California, I grew up in a family that moved often with my fathers job. It afforded me a view of the world giving me a sense of the beauty of people and the diversity of cultures that spice our earth. Through some healing crisis, I came upon energy healing which probably saved my life a few times. Due to the ease and success with Energy Medicine and other complimentary therapies, I had to learn all I could for I am a science based person. I learned energy healing and then moved on to the native Hawaiian Lomi Lomi which is medicinal massage, herbs, cleansing practices, soul work and prayer. Wishing to work in the hospitals I earned certification in Healing Touch. I am a great listener, learning from my clients about their journey and I provide consultations according to their path. I "see" peoples higher selves and understand the human struggle. My love of people places me in service providing energy healing which I call Enigmatic Healing, and spiritual consulting throughout the world. Enigmatic Healing is a process of Soul Integration on all levels of a person’s being, body, mind, etheric templates, and subtle energy fields in and around the body. The client receives their own unique blend of codes, information and sequences to align all aspects of their soul in Divine Order.


    Each person is unique and my approach is to meet them in their authenticity to assist as they feel they need. We each are here to be the best we can be and in that our world is better for it.


    Texas University, B.S. in Art Education, all level teaching certification, Austin Community College, photographic processes, School of Hawaiian Lomi Lomi, medical massage, herbology, and soul work, Healing Touch International, certification as Healing Touch Practitioner, many more studies as well.

    Years In Practice

    35 Years

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