Carey Davidson

    New York, New York, USA.

    • Carey created a program called The Success Alchemy as a roadmap for lifelong self-awareness, personal growth and optimal health. From specialized assessment strategies to customized guidance for healthy modern living, The Success Alchemy™️ draws upon Ayurvedic principles, Intuitive Energy Balancing, Vibroacoustic Sound Therapy and Five Elements Psychology.


    Carey Davidson is the founder and CEO of Tournesol Wellness, a leading integrative healing arts and medical practice based in New York City. Tournesol provides highly customized, compassionate, holistic care tailored to each individual’s unique nature. Carey brought Vibroacoustic Sound Therapy to the tri-state area and designed a treatment that combines Intuitive Energy Balancing with Vibroacoustics to enhance emotional, physical and spiritual health on a cellular level. 
    An authority on integrative healthcare, Carey is a regular contributor on panels and a writer for holistic health publications including The Wellness Mercantile and Tip Top Local in New York City. You can find praise for her private sessions in W Magazine, The New York Observer and NBC News. 
    Carey teaches corporate workshops to entrepreneurs, C-suite executives and dynamic leaders on leveraging personal strengths and vulnerabilities to maximize success, resolve conflict and engage high performance teams through her highly-praised method, The Success Alchemy™. Corporate clients include the City University of New York, the Human Rights Watch and CBS TV. Her collaborative partnerships include workshops, events and panel discussions with Alyson Charles, Rockstar Shaman, Dr. Dennis Goodman, Director of Integrative Medicine and NYU Hospital and Dr. Stephen Cowan, World Renowned Integrative Developmental Pediatrician.
    A passionate supporter of holistic health education for kids, Carey is the Founder and Executive Director of Tournesol Kids, a 501c3 organization empowering children with holistic strategies to live healthy, resilient, successful lives. 
    For a little more of a personal journey....
    Through the many twists and turns of my life, I came to the realization that I wanted to give back in an impactful and joyous way. Over the years I believed life was driven by the whim of circumstance; loves found and lost, triumphs, health scares, births and deaths. I quietly wished for a sense of peace and balance behind the smile that said I could handle anything that came my way.
    The desire for inner peace remained with me, and right around my 40th birthday I caught a beautiful glimpse of clarity over a cup of hot chocolate in a Paris cafe. I’ve sometimes wondered if it was the tryptophan, but that clarity grew even after the chocolate high wore off. It grew through being part of a compassionate community, inspiring books and speakers, holistic healing experiences and learning to be present, patient and appreciative of each moment.
    Over the past few years, physical and emotional disappointments and setbacks became my most valuable learning opportunities. Health became a choice and a lifestyle. I wanted to invite people to walk this journey with me. Would it be possible to create a place that supported and nurtured lasting wellness by integrating healing, learning, compassion, community and a sense of coming home? The answer became clear to me, and Tournesol was born.
    And a little chocolate never hurts.

    Teaching Method 

    I believe that we all have a unique and beautiful power to live happy and healthy lives and to empower others to do the same. When the light inside a person is ignited, there is no limit to the expansiveness they can experience and share. Our current medical and education models leave us ill prepared to live optimally and I have created Tournesol Wellness and Tournesol Kids to fill in those gaps.
    We help people recognize and grow from their own unique strengths and challenges and fortify them with skills to live a life full of exploration and successes.


    Reiki Master, Certificate in Ayurvedic Nutrition expected March 2018

    Years In Practice

    15 years in non profit
    23 years in human resources and organizational development
    6 years in holistic health

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