Candace Burch

    McMinnville, Los Angeles, USA.

    • Hormone testing
    • Consulting and weight management services


    As the Director of Education at ZRT Laboratory (hormone testing lab) for 15 years, Candace worked closely with leading experts in the field of hormone testing, functional medicine, compounding and bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT).

    From there, Candace developed the Body in Balance program at Metabolic Research Centers (MRC), the first nationwide weight loss center to integrate hormone testing and rebalancing into their weight loss program.

    Today, Candace runs Your Hormone Balance, a personalized hormone testing and consulting practice that helps people of all ages detect and correct hormone imbalances that negatively impact health and longevity. As part of her services, Candace works closely with her daughter Jessica Suchan ( ), an IIN certified health coach, offering specialized rebalancing packages for weight loss.


    "You Can’t Change What You Don’t Understand."
    My aim is to help women improve their hormonal health by helping them learn more about what hormones do, how they work and interact, and how imbalances of key players in the hormonal symphony impact our mental, physical and emotional health

    • Raising awareness of the symptoms of hormone imbalance
    • Detecting imbalances through testing
    • Enabling understanding of hormone test results through personalized consulting
    • Providing actionable steps for rebalancing hormones using natural means, i.e. herbs, vitamins, bioidentical hormones as needed, and lifestyle improvements.


    Masters Degree, Health and Safety Education, University Northern Colorado, 1979

    Years In Practice

    Director of Education/ Hormone Health Educator at ZRT laboratory, 12 years
    Your Hormone Balance, private consulting, 5 years

    Latest News

    We are now offering a "4 weeks to Balance & Bliss" Virtual Group Coaching course for August & September.

    Learn how to balance your hormones and jumpstart your wellness goals without the pressures of a restrictive diet or workout routine!

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