Camila Rutherford

    Tehuacan, Puebla, Mexico

    • Retreats
    • Cultural Immersions
    • Temezcal Ceremony
    • Mazatec Mushroom Ceremony
    • Huichol Peyote Ceremony
    • Shamanic Liaison


    I am a Biology major based in the Valley of Tehuacan, Mexico, with a fascination for prehispanic cultures, Toltec knowledge, Mexican shamanism and "brujeria". I have been studying ancient Mexican culture, prehispanic ceremonies, traditional medicine and native philosophy for about 10 years now. I have created a platform that is intended to act as a bridge between Mexicos indigenous communities and their traditional ceremonies and the outside world producing a natural interaction where both parties can feedback from one another. Sharing amazing healing tools and promote the value of these millenary communities and their sacred knowledge that lives on in modern times. I have become a guide and a liaison to the shamanic world of ancient Mexico.


    By having people participate in our cultural immersion retreats we can "show" our guest a different way of life and submerge them in an alternative reality where our illness and our issues can be cured by mother nature and meet the mystics that can manipulate it´s power. Witness the remains of a glorious past that can resonate in our lives today and can give us a new perspective for our own future, connecting with the land, participating in ceremonies and interacting with the natives is how you will learn about ancient Mexico´s pursuit for higher consciousness.


    • Cipactli A.C. (Reptile Nursery in La Manzanilla, Mexico)


    Biology Major - Specializing in Environmental Education/Rural Sociology, (Universidad de Guadalajara CUCBA), Student of Don Antonio Ovando for nearly 10 years

    Years In Practice

    3 Years

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