Bronte Forsyth-Turner

    US (NY/LA), Asia, Australia

    • Business Coach
    • Health Coach & Mentor
    • Neuroscience based Trainer
    • Meditation & Retreat Leader
    • Conscious Event Curator


    Bronte Forsyth-Turner is an International Business Consultant, Executive Business Coach, Corporate Communications Consultant, Wellness Events Curator, Holistic Health Coach and Mentor and Meditation Leader. Bronte was educated in Sydney, Hong Kong and New York, with a degree in International Business, majoring in Asian Languages & Marketing and a range of qualifications/certifications in Business, Life and Health & Wellness Coaching and Meditation. Bronte has worked in corporations in Dubai, Hong Kong and the U.S. 
    Bronte is currently based between the US and Asia. In New York, Bronte worked with Neuroscience firm as a corporate communications trainer for Fortune's 500 companies, and engaged in academic study of Brain Science and the scientific benefits of Meditation. This expanded and enriched Bronte’s holistic philosophy. Bronte now operates her established consultancy full time, servicing a diverse international client base. 
    Bronte gives back through volunteering. In NYC, she has had a range of roles in events including raising funds for several charities and NFP organizations and communities, such as The African Children's Choir and leading meditation and speaking at Medi Club, Biq Quiet and Circles. She also curates conscious wellness events in collaboration with like-minded wellness entrepreneurs. 


    Business Coaching

    Do you feel stuck in your career? Do you lack passion in your current role or life? Do you have a great team but aren’t sure how to support them to perform better? Do you struggle to meet deadlines or constantly feel time poor? Are you stressed about your business and its growth? Do you want to make more money than you are today? Through a Neuroscience-based coach approach to communication Bronte can help you reach your goals, build positive habits and be your accountability partner to rise higher in business and life. With seven years executive business coaching experience across several continents, servicing a diverse range of clients, from Asian finance executives to small business owners in New York City, Bronte asks probing questions, designed to make you stop, reflect and have your ‘aha’ moments, a catalyst for making positive change and turning your energy and business goals around. She has a warm, personal approach as well as an incisive edge, that helps you get to the root of the problems quickly and directly and then engage in course correction to meet your needs and desires and hold you to them. Are you ready to reach great heights? Business coaching with Bronte, is not for the faint hearted!
    Health Coaching and Mentoring
    Bronte tailors her programs to meet her clients’ needs and goals. With 10 years of holistic health studies across various schools (cleansing, fasting, whole plant foods, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda), combined with extensive work in the field of Neuroscience, Bronte understands that no two brains are alike and no two clients or solutions are the same. Her individually tailored programs produce results. Whether you have digestion issues, trouble sleeping, disease diagnosis, parasites, non-attainment of weight loss goals, low energy levels or simply desire to improve your mood, Bronte has a solution. Using a step by step approach via e-calls, texts and email, Bronte will carefully guide you through her deep cleansing and fasting programs to help clean up your diet, reduce toxin intake, introduce you to mindful practices such as exercise, yoga and meditation and educate you about home and body care. In as little as a week, you will feel like a new person; with more time, the changes become embedded, setting you up to thrive in life like never before.
    Neuroscience-based Training
    As teacher, tutor, coach, mentor, trainer and leader, Bronte writes training programs specifically designed to meet your needs and goals. Whether you are a start-up looking to hire and train a team of highly motivated, like-minded individuals who align with your company’s vision and values or you are a small business that wants to build a better office team environment, or a wellness brand that needs a team get-away to reset the foundation, connect more deeply, build stronger communication and create new neural pathways to enable better habits, Bronte’s Neuroscience-based training programs are the answer. As always, there is no one size fits all. These are tailored programs that are designed to impress all involved. Ultimately, you will see the teams’ energy rise and the bottom line soar.
    Conscious Event Curation
    The intention at all of Bronte’s events, is conscious connection with a unique educational twist. Bronte has over 10 years experience creating, curating and producing events around the World. With her depth of knowledge and passion for people, health and wellness, clean cuisine, soulful music, meditation, community and leadership, Bronte creates memorable events. Attention to detail is her forte. From welcome drinks, to ambience, to décor, to grounding practices, to leading meditations, to live music experiences, to plant-based culinary delights, to top notch educational and motivational speakers, to take home practices and goodie bags – Bronte’s events are dynamic and visionary, impelling you and your people into the future.
    As a twice daily meditator, guided meditation app writer, meditation studio start-up consultant, meditation leader of large and small communities in NYC, LA, Australia and Asia – Bronte brings a gentle and open-minded space for first time meditators and experienced meditators alike. Bronte holds individual and group sessions as well as events for corporations, teams, communities, couples, women, men and children in various traditions including mantra, visualization and focus-based techniques. From 101 to deep transcendence, as always these experiences, classes and programs are tailored specifically for each individual or group.


    • Board Member - African Children's Choir
    • Medi Club and Big Quiet
    • Circles Facilitator
    • Vedic Meditation Community


    Bachelor of International and Global Studies - double major (Business and Asian Languages), International Coaching Federation - ACC, Results Coaching Systems - Neuroscience Coaching Program, NeuroLeadership Institute Trainer Program, Circles Meditation Leader Graduate, Vedic Meditation Teaching Assistant

    Years In Practice

    • Certified Business Coach - 7
    • Health Coach and Mentor - 5
    • Neuroscience-based Trainer - 3
    • Meditation Leader - 2
    • Events Curator - 10
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