Brandon Spratt

    Los Angeles, California, USA.

    •  Transformational Coaching
    • Energetically Healing 
    • Reiki Master 
    • Pranic Healer
    • Pranayama Teacher
    • Meditation Teacher

    Rather than to be anyones healer, I like to see myself as a revealer. A revealer of the inner dimensions of truth that are beyond the delusions and illusions that are based in our past and rooted in our fear based conditioning. To facilitate this, I utilize Kundalini Yoga methods, mantra meditation, powerful pranayama's, reiki, pranic and crystal healing. I take you into a deep state of trance to enter into the realms of self realization. 
    For those who are not physically in the same location as me, I offer two other types of services. One is distance healing where I set aside 120 minutes and bring in your intentions, connect to your highest self, and dedicate the entire 2 hours to sending healing vibrations to you through the cosmic consciousness that can be transmitted and felt faster than the speed of light. As mystical as this seems, this is proven in quantum physics. For more information about distant healing therapy, please visit this link:
    The other long distance type of work I offer are various coaching packages based on your needs, wants, and desires. This is transformational coaching work where we aim to go deep into the core of the belief system and create a practical and comfortable approach to move outside of our comfort zone. By doing this we create support for our vision which might excite us but also bring up some fear as well. We move through the fear with tools that subside the anxiety of stepping into the unknown and embrace the path ahead by fully surrendering. Based on each client, I pre-scribe meditations that will be helpful in the support of the clients goals.


    It feels as if I have lived many lives in just this life alone. When I look back however, it all makes sense as to why things happened the way they did. When I was in the womb, my mother practiced prenatal yoga and by the time I was 4 years old, I was attending yoga classes with my mom and step father. As I grew up, I always felt a bit different than the rest, always felt like something was a bit odd here on this planet. I never understood anger and violence - it always felt like a foreign emotion to me. Over time through meditation, research and deep insightful conversations with mentors, I came to realize that I am just a bit more celestial in my nature, a natural introvert with an ability to perceive things from a meta, broader perspective - always seeing the themes and lessons in any given situation instead of blaming, shaming or victimizing into a category of good, bad, right or wrong... 
    Even with all this awareness, I still lived in so much fear and anxiety, scared to be me in a world that reflected back so much confusion and doubt... After losing a job and battling addiction and a relationship ending, I was homeless for about one full year on the streets of LA. It was this experience that launched me into the deepest hell and also the greatest compassion for humanity. Going through that year profoundly changed my life forever. I surrendered completely. I allowed myself to flow with the universe and just be. I watched the weather, observed nature and experienced its stillness for once. Finally by the grace of God, I walked into a kundalini yoga studio where I deeply became devoted and healed the parts of me that were wounded. It was the journey from a sheepish boy to a stable man in the world.


    I am not a healer, but a revealer. I facilitate change by brining you into the places that need healing. I bring you into the core of those feelings that we suppress or shy away from feeling. Using kundalini yoga, crystal healing, pranic healing and reiki I allow for an inter-dimensional transformation to occur. Shedding the old and allowing the light of Truth to enter into the being.


    • American Association of Drugless Practitioners


    Kundalini Yoga Certified - 500HR, Crystal Healer Certified

    Years In Practice

    4 years


    Co-hosting my first retreat here in Bali Dec. 29 - Jan 5th.

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