Bianca Mastrototaro

    Worcester, Massasschusettes, USA.

    • Home Energy Clearings & Blessings
    • Feng Shui
    • Decluttering
    • Healing With Chinese Elements
    • Healing With Crystals
    • Soul Expansion With Flower Essences


    Originally I went to college and graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science. After 6 months of working in the field, something just didn't feel right. I knew I wanted to help people, but wasn't sure HOW I wanted to help people. After some soul searching and internet browsing, I felt the call. I knew I had to create a spiritually based business that worked with people and their two most intimate areas, their home environments and their body environment. From here, I have created my business Enchanted Living Spaces. Through my services, my clients are able to heal their home, body and soul.

    Teaching Method 

    With everything I do, there are always physical and emotional aspects to overall healing. I aim to heal my clients on a deeper soul level while also healing their home or body.


    Bachelors Degree in Computer Science, University of Advancing Technology, Spirit Junkie Level 1 graduate, Gabrielle Bernstein, Certified Assertiveness Coach, Doreen Virtue, Certified Crystal Reader, Doreen Virtue, Elemental Space Clearing certified, Denise Linn, Certified Feng Shui Consultant, Earth Home School of Feng Shui

    Years In Practice

    2 years

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